Introducing: API to automate publishing and updating Microsoft Edge Add-ons


Hello developers,


We listened to your feedback, and we are happy to announce that we are bringing REST API to help you automate the process of uploading and publishing Microsoft Edge Add-ons.



Microsoft Edge Add-ons API will provide a set of REST endpoints for programmatically publishing updates to extensions submitted to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website. The tentative date for the availability of the API is December 2021


What functionalities does this API provide?

This API exposes endpoints to help you –

  1. Get a list of Microsoft Edge add-ons associated with your account.
  2. Update the package to update an existing draft submission of an add-on product.
  3. Publish the current draft of the product to the Microsoft Edge Add-ons website.


How to use Microsoft Edge Add-ons API?

To use the Microsoft Edge Add-ons API, you will enable the API for your project in the Microsoft Partner Center. Once enabled you will have the Client ID, Client Secret and the Auth token URL.

You can then proceed to use these credentials to get your access token for using the APIs. Once you have the token, you will be ready to use the API.


Navigate to Using the Microsoft Edge Add-ons API for a more detailed guide on using API.


Any feedback?

To get an early preview of the proposed Microsoft Edge Add-ons API, visit Using the Microsoft Edge Add-ons API and Microsoft Edge Add-ons API Reference. Tell us if these API’s meet your requirements or if you would like additional features. Please read on, and share your feedback and suggestions below, or by submitting it via Issue about the Add-ons API. While sharing feedback, do remember to share real examples and use cases that you wish us to enable and the constraints that these API’s may pose in helping you achieve your goals. We would love to hear from you!


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