DevTools Command Palette now available for testing in Canary channels


Hello Insiders,


We are pleased to announce a new experimental feature: Command Palette, now ready for early testing in Microsoft Edge Canary (starting with version 105).


Command Palette makes it possible to quickly access browser management and developer tools features with just one keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+SpacePress the shortcut and get access to tab, bookmark, and collection management features, or developer tools features like simulating a mobile device, clearing the cache memory, and more. If you are familiar with other command palettes like the one in VS Code, or PowerToys, you will feel right at home.


screenshot of Microsoft Edge on the Microsoft website with the Command Palette options visible and the DevTools panel openscreenshot of Microsoft Edge on the Microsoft website with the Command Palette options visible and the DevTools panel open

This is currently an experiment and needs to be enabled before use. Find out how to enable it, and what you can do with it from our documentation: Run commands via keyboard with Command Palette - Microsoft Edge Development | Microsoft Docs


If you have any feedback at all about it, please feel free to drop us a note on our DevTools GitHub repository.


Thanks for helping us test this new feature, we hope you like it and are looking forward to improving it based on your feedback!


The Microsoft Edge Developer Tools team

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@MissyQ is there any chance of the shortcut being changed to Ctrl + Shift + P so that it matches tooling such as VS Code and Windows Terminal?


I feel like it would just make sense to keep them similar, especially since it's mainly power users / developers who will use the feature and they're already used to that shortcut.

@Daniel Harris Thanks for the feedback, Daniel! The DevTools team is watching their GitHub repo for feedback, so if you haven't dropped this there I highly encourage you to! I'll forward this on to them, but posting in their repo will for sure get eyes on the suggestion. :3


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@MissyQ thanks I’ve posted a comment on the GitHub issue

As a developer who spends most their time in DevTools, Edge has won me over.
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