Dev Channel update to 126.0.2592.11 is live.


Hello Insiders! We released 126.0.2592.11 to the Dev channel! This includes numerous fixes. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below.

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Added Features:

  • Introduced a toggle for One-Time Password (OTP) within the edge://flags settings on Android.

Improved Reliability:

  • Fixed an issue that caused the browser to crash when the ‘Join now and activate cash back’ button was clicked again after signing into the MSA account.
  • Resolved a problem that caused unexpected crashes during the capture of toolbar snapshots.

Changed Behavior:

  • Resolved an issue when using Narrator within the pane indicating ‘This page is open in Internet Explorer mode,’ the Narrator’s focus would incorrectly land on the ‘Learn more’ link twice without providing any audio feedback.
  • Resolved a problem where the focus sequence was not in proper order when selecting the ‘Manage Performance Settings’ menu option.
  • Fixed an issue where a favorites folder required a double-click to open after being renamed.
  • Resolved an issue that caused app icons to not appear when the Sidebar settings page was refreshed.
  • Resolved a problem that caused the display of an incorrect favicon.
  • Resolved a problem that prevented tab groups opened from separate profiles from being displayed collectively.
  • Resolved a problem where the ‘Delete site’ message was overlapping with other options in the edge://settings/starthomeNTP section.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter on the Back button resulted in no response within the Microsoft Rewards section.
  • Android:
    • Fixed an issue where rapidly clicking on ‘Set as default browser’ would inadvertently open two separate windows.
    • Fixed an issue where the word ‘Active’ was partially hidden on the history page on android.
    • Resolved a problem where there were some inconsistencies in the UI colors within the favorites section.

See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate.

Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.



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