Dev Channel update to 125.0.2506.0 is live.


Hello insiders! We released build 125.0.2506.0 on the Dev channel! This includes numerous fixes. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below.

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Added Features:

  • Introduced a new shopping toolbar feature.

Improved Reliability:

  • Fixed a browser crash on android.
  • Resolved a browser crash that occurred when launching the shopping app in a browser window instead of Copilot.
  • Fixed an issue where browser crashes when clicking the ‘Retry’ button without network on the error page of desktop.

Changed Behavior:

  • Resolved an issue where the browser menu and all menu dialogs were not accessible using voice control.
  • Resolved an issue where keyboard focus navigated to the blank spaces in the all menu and browser menu dialog.
  • Resolved an issue to display a menu list after the user clicks the IE mode address bar button.
  • Resolved an issue where, in InPrivate mode, clicking on the settings for dark reader or Global Speed would result in being blocked.
  • Resolved a problem where the button’s theme was not consistent after using the search button.
  • Resolved an issue where hovering over a URL should display the full URL.
  • Fixed an issue where the Extension Hub was displaying as a large popup instead of a full page.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the FRE customize button in guest mode to redirect to an incorrect page.
  • Resolved a problem where saving screenshots in a selected profile would cause an unintended switch to the primary profile.
  • Fixed an issue where the screenshot flyout would appear partially when positioned at the far left of a maximized browser window.
  • Resolved a problem that prevented screenshots from being uploaded to OCV feedback.
  • Android: Resolved an issue where the new Translator UI was overriding the Copilot toolbar in landscape mode on android.
  • iOS: Resolved a problem where the bottom bar on the “Coupons found!” page remained white in dark mode on iOS.


See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate.

Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.



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browser only opens in inprivate mode. normal mode will crash on start.
start happening in 125.0.2492.1 and still crash on 125.0.2506.0.

I am on win10 and no profile in edge dev.

@why_do_yo_care  Same here, 125.0.2506.0 crashes/closes immediately after opening.  Running  Win 11 22H2. 

@Gouri_Murmu Since the last update last week, and now this update, Edge Dev closes immediately upon launching. You can launch In Private, but it too will close after about 10 seconds or so.


The only way that the browser works is to delete the user profile folder, so it re-generates the profile upon the next launch.


What can be causing this?

MacOS 14.4.1 (23E224) and 125.0.2506.0 Dev Edge is constantly crashing. Can't start it. Tries to Restores the last opened tabs. How can I start it without loading old tabs?

@Gouri_Murmu this is really disappointing communications from the Edge Dev team.


In this post and the other release post many users are complaining about the constant crash loop and yet there hasn't been any update from the Edge team since April 10th when the crashes first started occurring.


CC: @sweta_bandodker 

Are there any updates on roadmaps to add new languages to translations (i.e. mongolian)
Also crashing immediately on open on multiple workstations for me (version 125.0.2506.0). problem started on last week's release. Uninstalling and removing profile works for a short period of time, but problem comes back.
Crashes immediately after saved windows appear. MacOS 14.4.1.
Crash-tastic piece of junk. Like everybody else said, it only works in Private Mode, as long as I don't attempt to access settings.
I'm having the same issue with it crashing. InPrivate mode barely worked and closed when selecting Settings. Uninstalling/reinstalling worked for several days but stopped working again today. Windows 11 64bit, Windows Insider Beta Build 22635.3495.
Now also crashing on Dev. This was an issue on Canary. After the last update, it is an issue on dev. It crashes in anything that is not InPrivate, including trying to go to the settings so you can clear cookies/sessions. It's a mess, there's no worse bug than one that requires a full uninstall and reinstall to fix.

@Gouri_Murmu I guess I am alone in not encountering the crashing bugs that people have mentioned. Didn't get them on the last update either, and I have a very "lived in" profile with dozens of extensions. Knock on wood.


I would like to report a bug that only cropped up on 2506 for me. Trying to view Cookies for any page is blank. There should be 2 here under "Allowed" - there are none. Doesn't matter what the URL or domain is, I checked dozens.




125.0.2518.0 is live and appears to have fixed the crashing issues for me. When can we expect a post about the new build?