Functioning Azure WordPress for less than $3500?

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Microsoft generously grants non-profit organizations $3500 per year in Azure services. I have set up a few clients with WordPress on Azure (using the standard app called "WordPress" which seemingly runs under Windows), but I am finding two problems:


  1. The service is exceedingly slow. Much slower than competing services such as wpengine or which cost about $250/year and give lightning performance.
  2. The costs usually go above $3500/year!

Is there an easy option to run a responsive WordPress website on Azure? I asked tech support and they responded with a link to a complex page diagramming how Azure can be responsive if suddenly thousands of people come to your website. I don't need that. I need the website to simply show a page within 10 seconds (now it is 60) when one (1) person visits. If I get a second visitor and he has to wait another few seconds for the page, then so be it.


Thank you.

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