Send HTTP 2.0 Request to App Service using C#
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Azure App Service supports HTTP 2.0. The major advance of HTTP/1.1 was the use of persistent connections to service multiple requests in a row. In HTTP/2, a persistent connection can be used to service multiple simultaneous requests. 


This blog will demonstrate how you can send HTTP 2.0 Request to app service for testing using C#:


Step 1:

Go to > App Service > Configuration > Enable HTTP 2.0



Step 2:

Create a .Net Core Console Application / Web Application as per requirement . In this example I have taken a .Net Core Console Application:



var client = new HttpClient() { BaseAddress = new Uri("https://<>") };

            Console.WriteLine("Sending HTTP 2.0 Request.");

            // HTTP/2 request
            using (var request = new HttpRequestMessage(HttpMethod.Get, "/") { Version = new Version(2, 0) })
            using (var response = await client.SendAsync(request))



The HTTPClient class has DefaultRequestVersion property with which you can set the default version of the requests as below:



var SecondRequest = new HttpClient()
                BaseAddress = new Uri("https://<>"),
                DefaultRequestVersion = new Version(2, 0)

            // HTTP/2 is default
            using (var response = await SecondRequest.GetAsync("/"))



You should be able to see a successful HTTP Response once the code executes:




For more information you can refer the below documents:


If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below!

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