.NET 8 is generally available – and more updates from .NET Conf, Microsoft Ignite, GitHub Universe
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Three big events – .NET Conf, Microsoft Ignite, and GitHub Universe – took place in November and we’re highlighting news, announcements, and sessions from those events. .NET 8 is now generally available, and we have resources to help you get started with this new update. But there were many other exciting announcements and updates, as well. Check out these links for details about .NET 8, learn how to build intelligent apps, find out how to streamline workflows with automated testing and deployments, discover new GitHub features, find out what’s new in Visual Studio, and more.

.NET 8 is now generally available

The new .NET is here, delivering thousands of performance, stability, and security improvements, as well as platform and tooling enhancements that help increase developer productivity.

What’s new in Visual Studio 2022 version 17.8

Visual Studio 2022 version 17.8 is generally available. It offers a comprehensive list of enhancements that span productivity, Game Dev, testing, enterprise management, and .NET 8 compatibility. Get details about the latest Visual Studio update.

New and updated learning materials for .NET 8
Check out this collection of new and updated Microsoft Learn materials for .NET 8. Explore a range of resources, including documentation to get started with .NET Aspire, learning modules on creating cloud-native apps, and OpenAI samples written in .NET.

Innovate better with AI-powered workflows on a single, unified platform

Learn about new GitHub features and tools announced at the recent GitHub Universe event. Discover how features using AI will improve productivity, developer collaboration, security, and admin for a better dev experience.

Build and deploy OpenAI apps on Azure, infused with your own data

Unlock the world of generative AI applications. Watch this session from GitHub Universe and learn how to build and deploy an AI-infused cloud-native app using Visual Studio Code, Azure Developer CLI, and GitHub Actions with Azure OpenAI.

Develop in the cloud with Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments

Quickly spin up self-service, ready-to-code workstations and deploy environments. Watch this Microsoft Ignite session on demand to see how Microsoft Dev Box and Azure Deployment Environments improve productivity, security, and cost-efficiency. 

Testing modern web apps at scale with Microsoft Playwright Testing

Accelerate testing by running end-to-end Playwright tests in the cloud. Watch this session from Microsoft Ignite to see how Microsoft Playwright Testing helps you quickly deliver quality features and ensure web apps work flawlessly. 

Azure AI Studio: Unleash the Power of generative AI

Microsoft is excited to announce the preview of Azure AI Studio—a platform designed to simplify generative AI app dev using OpenAI models alongside other powerful models and services. 

Microsoft Learn: Fundamentals of responsible generative AI

Planning for Responsible AI is critical. Check out the free Fundamentals of Responsible generative AI training from Microsoft Learn and find out how to deploy and operate your solution responsibly.

Visual Studio 2022 version 17.9 Preview 1 is now available

Try the new Visual Studio preview for a look at what’s next. Visual Studio 17.9 Preview 1 is more than just an update—it’s a transformation that provides a more productive and flexible developer experience.

Find what you need with Microsoft Graph connectors

Streamline search in your organization by consolidating data sources in a single place. Learn how Microsoft Graph connectors help you build more effective solutions that boost productivity while adhering to security guidelines.

Build Clippy for Teams with Azure OpenAI and Teams AI Library
Check out this episode of Doodle to Code to learn about working with the Teams AI Library. See how you can build an AI chatbot right within Microsoft Teams.

Learn about automated deployments for Azure Kubernetes Service (Preview)

Find out how to configure automated deployments for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Once connected, every new GitHub commit will kick off the pipeline and automatically update your application.

Intro to LLMOps: Operationalize and manage large language models using Azure ML

Explore some of the challenges you’ll encounter when working with large language models. Learn how LLMOps with Azure Machine Learning helps minimize risks by tuning and monitoring these models for more responsible AI.


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