Migration app service resources across subscriptions with import certificate
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Move app service resources across subscriptions

Many customers try to migrate across subscriptions, resource groups, and so on. Sometimes they use uploaded certificates in the App service instead of ASC.
This blog will be helpful when they migrate App service resources with uploaded certificates. I wrote this blog for testing based on Azure docs.


See move across subscriptions 



Testing Steps

1. Prerequisites

2. Upload and bind certificates to App Service

3. Do the migration

4. Validate the result


1. Prerequisites

- App Service
- App service domain: in my case, tlsmigrationtest.com
- Add a custom domain to App Service: SSL isn't bound yet



2. Upload and bind certificates

Upload certificate (.pfx) and bind certificate to the app service domain.

A. App service > TLS/SSL settings > Private Key Certificates (.pfx) > Upload Certificate



B. Upload the certificate


C. Bind certificates

App Service > Custom domains > Add bindings

화면 캡처 2022-11-04 152117.png


After finishing the above steps, you can see the SSL binding to the App Service domain.



3. Migration across subscriptions with uploaded certificates

A. For migration, go to your resource group.


B. Before moving resources you must click "show hidden types"

When you check "show hidden types", you can see uploaded certificates.



C. Check all App service resources and click move to another subscription

You must move all App Service resources together such as App Service, App service domain, and certificates.

Check limitation Move Azure App Service resources across resource groups or subscriptions - Azure Resource Manager | ...



D. Validate the result

Before you migrate app service resources, you can see the validation status.

If you can see succeeded status like below, you will be able to migrate successfully.



4. Success migration

Uploaded app service certificates are still bound to the App Service domain in the new subscription.


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