Learn Azure Static Web Apps in #30DaysOfSWA
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The people behind the #30DaysOfSWA: https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWAThe people behind the #30DaysOfSWA: https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA

About #30DaysOfSWA

 Azure Static Web Apps (SWA) celebrates 1 year of general availability in May!! If you're new to the technology, join us as we cover #30DaysOfSWA at https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWAThis is a labor of love with contributors from the Azure Static Web Apps team, Cloud Advocacy, Next Gen Experiences and Microsoft Edge Developer Experiences team, amongst others.

The content is structured to mimic a developer's journey.

  • Week 1 | Core Concepts. Get an overview of Azure Static Web Apps, learn what differentiates it from other web app architectures, and walk through the key features that make it a valuable service for managing your hosting and automated deployment needs.
  • Week 2 | Usage Examples. Azure Static Web Apps works well out-of-the-box with many popular front-end frameworks and static site generators. We look at a sample of these in the context of some fun and functional use cases. And look for a relaunch of the SWA Gallery to feature community projects.
  • Week 3 | Developer Tools. Think of the developer experience from authoring apps, to local development, debugging, testing, and deployment. Let's explore some of the tools and resources available to the modern web developer working with Azure Static Web Apps.
  • Week 4 | Best Practices. By now you should know the fundamentals of Azure Static Web Apps, seen examples of SWA in action, and learned about tools to improve the developer experience. We wrap by looking at case studies, advanced concepts, tips & tricks to skill up.

The series launched on May 1 with a kickoff post, and is currently in Week 2 (usage examples).


# Why Azure Static Web Apps?

Azure Static Web Apps is a service that automatically builds and deploys full-stack web apps to Azure directly from your code repository. It offers a number of features that support the needs of modern web app developers. Here's a visual guide to the top 10 features you need to know including web hostingglobally distributed content servers, integrated Serverless API, custom domains, free SSL certifications, authentication provider integrations, role-based authorization (with support for custom roles), preview and production environments (for staging), first-class GitHub/AzureDevOps integration for CI/CD etc.




Week 1: Core Concepts 

Let's do a quick recap of what was covered in Week 1 - it's not too late to catch up.
Each post takes less than 5 minutes of reading time, and ends with a short exercise to help reinforce your learnings.

Introducing SWA What is Azure Static Web Apps?
How is it architected?
Where can I use it?
What are the key (10) features to know? 
Building SWA

How do I get started with Azure Static Web Apps (SWA)?
What can I do with the free tier?

Let's build a Star Wars crawler!

API-Enabling SWA

Why go Serverless with Static Web Apps?

How can I add an integrated API with Azure Functions?

Bring your own functions!

Build a SWAG homage on May 4th!

Configuring SWA

What are the main Configuration files and options?

Customize: Application Behavior

Customize: Build Process

Customize: With Environment Variables (aka "Application Settings")

Securing SWA

How do we secure a Static Web App?

What is managed authentication?

What is custom authentication?

Managing user roles - and role-based authorization

Seamlessly accessing user information

Previewing SWA

What types of preview environments do we have (staging SWA)

Preview: in Pull request

Preview: in non-production Branches

Preview: in Named environments

Deploy: to Custom Domains

Deploying SWA

Deploying with other options (beyond GitHub)

Deploy with Azure DevOps

Deploy with GitLab and BitBucket

Deploy using ARM Templates

Resources Visit  https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA for a sneak peek at Week 2!


Here's a visual roadmap summarizing the learning journey from Week 1.



How can you participate?

Just check out the content and try to follow along at your own pace. Try out the exercise in each article, and explore the resources for deeper dives. Here are the main links:


Learning Resources

To make things easier, I'm maintaining a dedicated page on the #30DaysOfSWA site that will be collecting all the resources shared by various authors over the series duration.
Want to continue your learning journey?
Visit  https://aka.ms/30DaysOfSWA/resources


Call For Contributions

If you've built any Azure Static Web Apps projects that are either live deployed right now, or have an open source repository that learners can be inspired by - please do leave me a comment below.

I would love to get more projects added to our Showcase gallery before we unveil it later this month. Here's a sneak peek at what that will look like - to be showcased, you will need to provide the following information to make your entry more discoverable.

  • Application Name
  • Application Screenshot (from live deployment)
  • Source Repository (if open source)
  • Front-end Technology (framework or static site generator used)
  • Azure Service integrations (if any)

Better still - join me on May 19 at the Azure Static Web Apps Anniversary event where I will be doing a short segment on #30DaysOfSWA and explaining how you can directly contribute to the series, the showcase, and a lot more! Here's a sneak peek at what that gallery could look like ...



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