Introduction to PowerShell
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PowerShell is a command-line shell and a scripting language, all in one. You can use PowerShell for script automation, run batches of commands, control resources in the Cloud and much more. It started out with automation on Windows but nowadays there's PowerShell core which works on Linux, macOS and Windows. 


PowerShell is one of those "great to have" tools if you are considering a career in Ops or DevOps. The LEARN platform, found at, have just released the first module dedicated to PowerShell language. The module is meant to be a beginner module and explains, things such as:


  • Understand what PowerShell is and what you can use it for.
  • Explore cmdlets.
  • Construct a sequence of cmdlets in a pipeline.
  • Apply sound filtering and formatting principles to your commands.

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There's also a PowerShell extension for VS Code that can speed up the authoring process, that I think you should check out. Here the link to learn more and download the PowerShell extension for VS Code 

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