Highlights from .NET Conf, Microsoft Ignite, and GitHub Universe
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With three big events, November was a month packed with exciting announcements, important product updates, and lots of learning opportunities. For this post, we’re highlighting news and insightful sessions from .NET Conf, Microsoft Ignite, and GitHub Universe.


Watch .NET Conf 2023 on demand
Sessions from .NET Conf are now available to watch on demand. Find out how to create a full stack web UI with Blazor in .NET 8, build intelligent apps, learn GitHub Copilot tips for .NET developers, explore C# 12 features, and much more.


Download .NET 8
Get started with .NET 8. Download .NET 8 now.


What's new in C# 12
Watch this session from .NET Conf on demand for a tour of what’s new in C# 12, including collection expressions, primary constructors, and demos of new features.


Build intelligent apps with .NET and Azure
Start building intelligent apps with .NET and Azure. Check out this .NET Conf session on demand and discover how you can use AI to create apps that transform productivity, automate processes, and uncover key insights.


Introducing .NET Aspire (preview)
There’s a new way to simplify cloud-native development with .NET 8. .NET Aspire (preview) is an opinionated stack for building resilient, observable, and configurable cloud native apps with .NET.


The 2023 .NET Survey
Microsoft wants to learn more about the .NET developer community. Take our short survey and tell us a bit about your projects, tools, and organization. Your input will help Microsoft improve .NET.


Plan a .NET local event
Organize a local event for .NET 8 and Microsoft will give you all the technical content, promotion, and SWAG you’ll need to create an amazing event. Get started with the Local Event Proposal form.


Global AI Conference
The Global AI Conference on December 12 is a digital event for developers, professionals, beginners, and everyone else interested in AI. Join the developer track to explore advanced AI topics or the beginner track if you’re just getting started with AI.


Watch Microsoft Ignite 2023 on demand
Want to catch up on everything that happened at Microsoft Ignite 2023? Watch Ignite sessions on demand to learn about the latest AI innovations, build new skills, and access learning opportunities.


Ushering in the era of Microsoft Copilot extensibility
Expand productivity in your organization with AI. Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 now supports plugin extensibility, letting you create customized tools to extend Microsoft 365. Get details about building and publishing plugins.


Building the next era of AI: Teams AI Library and API message extensions
Creating intelligent apps just got easier with the release of API message extensions and the Teams AI Library. Discover how these tools help you quickly integrate your apps with Microsoft Copilot and Teams and create your own intelligent apps.


Copilot for Microsoft 365
Check out a series of videos that demonstrate the power of Copilot for Microsoft 365 extensibility. Watch an overview, learn about Teams message extensions, and work with Graph connectors.


GitHub Copilot and AI for developers: Potential and pitfalls with Scott Hanselman
Explore possible pitfalls of AI in development. Hear how AI can bend or break rules and learn about new techniques that improve AI responsibility. And find out how to make GitHub Copilot a more useful tool in your developer toolbox.


Microsoft Ignite: Book of News
Check out the Microsoft Ignite “Book of News” for a guide to more than 100 announcements covering a range of topics that include AI, infrastructure, Microsoft Copilot, security, and new tools for developers.


New capabilities help simplify and streamline the experience with Microsoft Dev Box
Microsoft Dev Box delivers ready-to-code workstations in the cloud. Get details about updates that further improve the Dev Box experience. Learn about new prebuilt images, streamlined setup, and self-service customization.


Azure Deployment Environments optimizes developer experience and adds new enterprise capabilities
Azure Deployment Environments allow developers to self-serve their own environments from curated, project-based infrastructure-as-code templates. Learn about new features that make it even easier to fit Deployment Environments into your existing workflows.


GitHub Universe on demand
The recent GitHub Universe event explored AI, security, and the modern developer experience. Check out sessions on demand from GitHub Universe and find out how GitHub and the developer experience is evolving in the age of AI.


Coding with an AI pair programmer: Getting started with GitHub Copilot
As an AI pair programmer, GitHub Copilot lets you focus on the bigger picture. Check out this session for a look at what GitHub Copilot can do and see what it’s like to work with an intelligent pair programmer.


Build and deploy OpenAI apps on Azure, infused with your own data
Unlock the world of generative AI applications. Watch this session from GitHub Universe and learn how to build and deploy an AI-infused cloud-native app using VS Code, Azure Developer CLI, and GitHub Actions with Azure OpenAI.   


Innovate better with AI-powered workflows on a single, unified platform
Learn about new GitHub features and tools announced at the recent GitHub Universe event. Discover how features using AI will improve productivity, developer collaboration, security, and admin for a better dev experience.


Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge
Join the Microsoft Learn Cloud Skills Challenge for a chance to win a VIP event pass for the next Microsoft Ignite or Microsoft Build. Learn skills and get credentials so you can make a bigger impact on your projects and your career.


Build a custom Microsoft Graph connector
Integrate external data sources into Microsoft Graph to appear across Microsoft 365. Check out this blog for a step-by-step guide to creating custom connections, opening the door to new data insights and collaboration capabilities.


Azure OpenAI Service launches GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-3.5 Turbo 1106 models
At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced the new launch of the most advanced OpenAI generative AI models. Get details about the availability of GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-3.5 Turbo 1106 on Azure OpenAI Service.


Revolutionize search in generative AI apps with Vector search and Semantic search in Azure AI Search
Build high performance AI apps and deliver the highest quality experiences. Learn more about Azure AI Search—a feature-rich vector database with integrated state-of-the-art search ranking technology.


Streamline AI development – Azure AI Studio and prompt flow
Azure AI Studio is now in public preview. Learn about this comprehensive AI development platform for building and scaling responsible generative AI solutions. It provides a suite of AI tools and pre-built, customizable models (including OpenAI). Azure


Build with AI responsibly – Customer Copyright Commitment to include Azure OpenAI Service
Copilot Copyright Commitment helps defend commercial customers from copyright claims related to their use of Microsoft Copilot products. At Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced that it’s broadening this commitment to include the Azure OpenAI Service.

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