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We are proud to announce the general availability of confidential containers on Azure Container Instances (ACI) – a serverless platform for deploying Linux containers within a hardware-based and attested Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). As customers collect larger sets of sensitive data, they require a solution that provides defense in depth, helping them keep their data secure. Since our initial preview in May 2022, we have seen tremendous excitement from customers who build solutions to process sensitive data. Our platform has empowered users to manage sensitive data while creating diverse scenarios including multiparty data analytics, ML inferencing, and data processing. With ACI, we remain committed to offering a fast, user-friendly solution for deploying containers in a confidential computing environment on Azure.


Customers can leverage confidential containers on ACI to lift and shift their existing Linux applications or build new applications without needing to adopt specialized programming models to achieve the benefits of confidentiality in a TEE. Confidential containers on ACI can protect data-in-use by processing data in encrypted memory. In addition to data confidentiality, ACI supports execution policies that enable customers to verify the integrity of their workloads, helping to prevent untrusted code from running.


To learn more about use cases for confidential containers on ACI, read Unlocking the Power of Serverless Confidential Computing in the Cloud.


Partner Testimonials




SafeLiShare enables a platform to provide policy-driven encrypted data clean rooms where access to data is auditable, trackable, and visible, while keeping data protected during multi-party data sharing. At SafeLiShare, we've been heavily investing in a flexible, scalable solution for data sharing, privacy preserving analytics in the cloud, and securing AI models. In our investigations, confidential containers on ACI provided the quickest and easiest way to deploy our applications in a hardware-based Trusted Execution Environment to prevent unauthorized access or leakage of data and code. With the simplicity, scale, and privacy of confidential containers on ACI we are excited about the use-cases we can unlock for our customers.” - Dr. Shamim Naqvi, CEO and Co-Founder


For more information about how SafeLiShare is leveraging confidential containers on ACI, see the SafeLiShare blog.





Mithril Security provides tooling to help SaaS vendors serve AI models inside secure enclaves and provides on-premises level security and control to data owners. Data owners can use their SaaS AI solutions while remaining compliant and in control of their data. “Confidential containers on ACI is a great product to serve as the foundation for confidential workloads and provides the backbone of BlindBox, our secure deployment solution, to help developers serve SaaS solutions to their customers with an on-premises level of control. It is important for us to verify all the components running within the ACI stack, which is achieved through full remote attestation that ACI supports. We are now helping customers deploy Large Language Models on Azure confidential computing to answer complex scenarios from medical voice notes transcription to corporate document summarization for compliance.” - Daniel Huynh, CEO of Mithril Security


For more information about how Mithril Security is leveraging confidential containers on ACI, see the Mithril Security blog.



iExec helps enterprises build Web3 & Blockchain projects. The company is specialized in projects requiring trust, confidentiality, and governance. Having developed its own Web3 infrastructure combining Blockchain & Confidential Computing, iExec provides a secure solution for processing, sharing, and monetizing sensitive data, while retaining ownership and confidentiality. “At iExec, confidential containers on ACI is a critical component of our solution architecture that enables us to deploy customer workloads that require the highest levels of security and privacy without the complex modifications required by other platforms. With confidential containers on ACI we can run our most demanding workloads which include traceability, biometric authentication, AI models training/rental and cybersecurity. We are pleased with how Azure confidential computing is helping us create new opportunities for customers with its secure environments for data sharing and utilization.” - Francis Otshudi, Chief Sales Officer


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