Announcing Azure Functions Flex Consumption: sign up for the early access preview
Published Nov 15 2023 08:30 AM 12.1K Views

Azure Functions offers a wide range of hosting options to run your Azure Function applications. This gives customers the option to deploy into an environment that works with their overall workload. For the serverless Consumption plan, one of the most consistent feedback items for Azure Functions has been for networking features, such as private endpoints and VNet integration. We have also heard from many customers about projects with requirements that exceed what is currently possible on a single function app, both in terms of scaling speed and maximum instance count.


We are excited to introduce Flex Consumption, a new Azure Functions hosting option that offers flexibility without compromising on available features. It introduces private networking, instance size selection, concurrency control, and fast and large scale out features on a serverless model.


Flex Consumption will be the best choice for event-driven serverless functions. We are currently in early access preview and need your feedback to help shape this feature. To join the early access waitlist please fill out this form.


Private Networking

Flex Consumption allows you to reach VNet secured services from your function app and to secure it to your VNet, all while in a serverless billing and scale model. The same networking features of the Elastic Premium and App Service plans will be available.


Scale and throughput on your own terms

It will also introduce more control over per-instance concurrency. The defaults will handle most scenarios, but this means that even for HTTP triggered functions you can control per instance concurrency settings if needed.


These memory size and concurrency improvements are used by the platform to determine how your Flex Consumption app scales. The platform will elastically scale your Flex Consumption app faster and further to handle your high throughput needs.


More Features!

Flex Consumption will also allow you to optionally configure always ready instances, in case any extra cold start mitigation is needed. It will also allow long function execution times. Finally, Flex Consumption will support zone redundancy for even higher availability.


Join the early access preview and help shape the future of Flex Consumption

We invite you to join the early access preview of Azure Functions Flex Consumption. Flex Consumption apps come with no additional charge while in early access preview, but other services like Azure Storage and App Insights charges will still apply. Your feedback and insights will be crucial in refining and enhancing this hosting plan. By participating in the early access preview, you will have access and direct contact with the product team to share your experience and help build a better product. 


You can join the waitlist for Azure Functions Flex Consumption here at

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