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The era of AI is here, and today’s developer needs the skills and tools to build intelligent apps. This month, we’re exploring resources to help developers modernize their applications and get started with AI. Join a Hack Together event, complete a Cloud Skills Challenge, work through guided tutorials, and register for upcoming events. These resources will help you build intelligent chat apps, extend Microsoft Copilot or create a custom copilot, learn about Microsoft Fabric, and much more.


Cloud Skills Challenge: Build Intelligent Apps
Join a Cloud Skills Challenge to compete against peers, show case your talents, and learn new skills. Combine AI, cloud-scaled data, and cloud-native app development to create intelligent apps. Join a challenge today. 


Hack Together: The AI Chat App Hack
It’s not too late to join the AI Chat App Hack! This Hack Together event (January 29 - February 12) offers a playground for experimenting with RAG chat apps and a chance to learn from Microsoft experts.


Azure Cosmos DB Conf Call for Proposals
Want to give a presentation at the Azure Cosmos DB Conference 2024? Submit proposals for presentations on AI integration, innovative use cases, and other topics emphasizing practical insights and hands-on experiences. Submit by February 15, 2024.


Hack Together: The Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack
Join the Microsoft Fabric Global AI Hack February 19 - March 1 for hands-on learning and find out why Microsoft Fabric is the data platform of choice for AI. 


Official Collection: Learn how to build intelligent apps with .NET

Explore a collection of Microsoft Learn modules, videos, and samples on GitHub that will help you build intelligent apps with .NET.


Microsoft Fabric Community Conference
Register for the first annual Microsoft Fabric Community Conference—a live, in-person event taking place March 26 – 28 in Las Vegas. Immerse yourself in data and AI, get hands-on experience with the latest technologies, and connect with other experts. 


Playwright Testing and GitHub Actions tutorial: How to run Playwright tests on every code commit
Set up continuous, end-to-end testing for your web apps with Microsoft Playwright and GitHub actions. Watch this tutorial to see how you can run tests on every code commit and validate that your app works across different browsers and operating systems. 


The future of collaboration and AI
Build the next era of AI apps with the Teams AI Library, now generally available. Combined with Azure Open AI Service, you have everything you need to build your own AI apps and copilots. Learn more about extending your app to the Copilot ecosystem.   


Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024
Sign up for Azure Cosmos DB Conf, a free virtual developer event. Tune into the live show on April 16 to learn why Azure Cosmos DB is the leading database for AI and modern app development. Then explore more sessions on demand. 


POSETTE Call for Presentations
Every great event starts with great speakers. Do you have Postgres tips, tricks, stories, or expertise to share? Submit your presentation proposals to be considered for POSETTE (formerly Citus Con), a free, virtual developer event organized by the Postgres team at Microsoft. 


Build and modernize AI apps with new solution accelerators
Build intelligent apps on Azure with new tools that bring top use cases to life. Explore demos, GitHub repos, and Hackathon content to help you get started building AI-powered apps, such as a copilot using your own data.


New Azure AI Advantage offer
There’s a new Azure AI Advantage offer that lets Azure AI and GitHub Copilot customers save when using Azure Cosmos DB.  


Build a production RAG chat using Azure AI Studio and Prompt Flow
Learn how to build a production-level RAG app for a customer support agent – and integrate it with your web-based product catalog. Streamline your end-to-end app development from prompt engineering to LLMOps with prompt flow in Azure AI Studio. 


Train a machine learning model and debug it with the Responsible AI dashboard
Ready to build a machine learning model or integrate one into your app? Learn how to debug your model to assess it for Responsible AI practices using the Azure Responsible AI Dashboard. 


How to Convert Audio to .WAV for Speech Service Using MoviePy
Azure Speech Service requires audio files to adhere to specific standards. Find out how to use MoviePy to easily convert your audio files to make them compatible with Azure Speech Service. 


Build it with AI video series
Ready to get started with AI?  Check out the Build it with AI video series from Microsoft Reactor. Deepen your engagement, grow your AI-driven solutions, and start building your business on AI technology. 


How to build a custom copilot using Azure AI Studio and Microsoft Copilot Studio
Want to build your own copilot? Explore options in the Microsoft ecosystem for building a copilot. This blog post looks into low code tools and out-of-the-box features. A follow-up post will focus on code-heavy and extensible options. 


Build an AI Powered Image App
Use AI image technologies to deploy it to build an AI-powered image web app. A new Microsoft Learn challenge module steps you through bite-sized project to give you a taste of the latest tools. 


Microsoft JDConf 2024
Get ready for JDConf 2024—a free virtual event for Java developers. Explore the latest in tooling, architecture, cloud integration, frameworks, and AI. It all happens online March 27-28. Learn more and register now. 


Step-by-step guide: Build a recommender full stack app using OpenAI and Azure SQL
Check out this step-by-step guide for creating an intelligent web app with Azure Open AI Service. This blog post shows you how to create a recommender full stack app with OpenAI and Azure SQL. 


Official collection: AI Kick-off Projects
Put your AI skills to test and start building innovative solutions. This collection of AI Challenge Projects provides modules that will teach you how to build various intelligent solutions, such as a minigame and a speech translator.


Register now: Microsoft Fabric Community Conference
Join us at the first ever Microsoft Fabric Community Conference—a live, in-person event. Discover how Microsoft data and AI services accelerate innovation and prepare you for the era of AI. Use discount code MSCUST to save $100. 

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