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Hello guys

I am a data analyst working remotely for 6 years now, and with power bi.
And because I am between jobs, everyone is asking for Azure knowledge, whatever this means, which I don't have any, maybe because I only have reader access to their servers, always.
I need your help to let me know the name of the courses I should take (all of them) in order to help me get a job with Azure knowledge. There are so many like Azure devops, azure databricks, azure fundamentals, etc and I don't even know where to start but I am eager to learn.
Could you be so kind and let me know the Azure courses I can take an in which order? That would be awesome.
Thanks all of you in advance

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@pedroccamara first start with Azure Basics. 

you need to understand the Architecture and components of Azure. 

@princeofjgl thanks for your answer (finally someone!!:lol:)
What would be the right path for me, on the perspective of data analyst? I think it would be good to understand Azure on the architecture perspective. I'm not interested on programming, like devops.
Could you please send me the link or links of the courses or...whatever you think it can help me?
Thank you so much

Please check these two links, you will be able to take a decision and proceed by yourself.

all the best for your learnings
Very good. Thank you so much. I will