Announcing New Capabilities for Azure OpenAI On Your Data
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Microsoft has announced a significant feature expansion of Azure OpenAI Service On Your Data. On Your Data allows users to create personalized copilots tailored to their data, improving user understanding, expediting task completion, and facilitating decision-making. With the addition of new data sources, security enhancements, the latest GPT-4o model, and deployment to Teams, users now can leverage the capabilities of advanced AI models while integrating the advanced features of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) directly onto their data with enterprise-grade security. This state-of-the-art capability revolutionizes how users engage with and contextualize their data, providing enhanced accuracy and speed through a user-friendly conversational interface.



New Capabilities

Microsoft has introduced several new capabilities to enhance security, connectivity, and data integration within its platforms. These updates include improved application security, seamless resource connectivity, easy deployment to Teams apps, expanded data source connections, customizable parameters for chat experiences, and advanced AI model integration with user data.


  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud integration (in preview): Microsoft Defender for Cloud protects your applications with threat protection for AI workloads, providing teams with evidence-based security alerts enriched with Microsoft threat intelligence signals and enables teams to strengthen their security posture with integrated security best-practice recommendations.
  • Managed Identity by default (coming soon): Connect your Azure resources with system assigned managed identity by default on Azure OpenAI Studio across Azure AI Search, Azure Blob Storage (in preview) and Azure OpenAI resource.
  • Deploy to Teams (coming soon): Seamlessly deploy to a Teams app from Azure OpenAI Studio from On Your Data.
  • Expanded data sources: Connect to your data from Pinecone (coming soon) and Elasticsearch (in preview), in addition to Azure AI Search, Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore, URL/web address (in preview), and local files (in preview), etc.
  • Customizable parameters: Tailor your chat experience by limiting the response to the grounding data and custom parameters, such as chunk size (in preview) to customize your chunking strategy and advanced output mode (coming soon) to get detailed information such as rank score and filter reasons to help developers troubleshoot and improve response quality.  
  • Powering On Your Data Capabilities (in preview) in the Azure AI Studio: Connect to your data from Azure AI Search, Azure Blob Storage, Storage URL, etc. and ground advanced AI models, such as GPT4 and Cohere, with your data.
  • Advanced AI models: Ground your data with the latest GPT-4o* model (coming soon) as well as GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 models and leverage embedding models such as text-embedding-3-large (coming soon), text-embedding-3-small (coming soon), text-embedding-2. 

    *Initially support text data.

Case Studies for Featured Customers


PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) (BRI), a 128-year-old bank in Indonesia, leveraged Azure OpenAI Service On Your Data to elevate the performance of their digital assistant, Sabrina, in answering customers’ needs like balance checks, complaint creation, Q&As, and more. The generative AI-powered Sabrina is currently accessible via WhatsApp and is handling about 37.6% of total traffic to the contact center. Having adopted generative AI for about two months, there has been an almost 75% increase of Sabrina’s monthly active users year over year (YoY), and a more than 25% increase of interactions YoY. The customer satisfaction score also reached 73%, more than a 10% increment YoY. 


“This collaboration brings excellent potential for BRI to provide the best and most inclusive experience for our customers," said Arga M. Nugraha, Digital and Information Technology Director of BRI. "We widely adopt and utilize Microsoft’s latest technologies such as Generative AI from Microsoft Azure which we implement for further development of our Sabrina chatbot.” 


YoungWilliams is revolutionizing SNAP assistance with Priya, an AI digital assistant offering timely, policy-informed advice and application support, enhancing both customer experience and operational efficiency.


New York City Public Schools developed a custom AI-powered teaching assistant, trained on their own data, that can offer real-time feedback and pedagogy to students. The tool is trained to act 'like a teacher', and not to just provide answers to students, but to help them understand complex curriculum topics. NYCPS began with a two-week pilot in three high school computer science courses last year. Nearly 100 students asked the teaching assistant more than 2,000 questions, exponentially more than the three teachers could have fielded. Since then, the district has focused on algebra curriculum, and has integrated Microsoft's Math Solver with the LLM to improve accuracy on math problems. NYC has continuously incorporated feedback from educators and students.


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