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Hi, my Access database which has been running for 4 years has all of a sudden developed a problem with macros. I can edit all objects no problem apart from when I try to edit any macro the databse just closes.  I am running Access 2016 on a Windows 10 laptop, all software is up to date.

Can anyone help please?

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First try to open macros in a different database than the problematic one. If that works, create a new database and import all objects from the corrupted database and try if it works again.


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@Karl Donaubauer 


Thanks Karl.

I had already tried that but all objects would not import and the import kept failing.

I have finally identified 2 form objects which would not import.

So I have created a new database with all objects except those 2 and reimported the 2 from an earlier back up I had.

All appears to be working now, thanks for your help.