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Converting C++ Code To VBA as listed below

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I want assistance to convert the C++ code below to the correct VBA. I have tried to do it on my own but I'm not comfortable with it:



IntGetFiscalCode(c har *TPIN, char *code, char *number, char *date, char *terminalID, char * amount, char *fiscalCode, char *int keyLen);



I have tried to convert to VBA below which I think is incorrect, kindly check and advise where to correct:


Public Function IntGetFiscalCode(ByVal TPIN As String, ByVal code As String, ByVal number As String, ByVal date As String, ByVal terminalID As String, ByVal amount As String, ByVal fiscalCode As String, ByVal intKeyLen As long) As long
End Function



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