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In Access 2002, Table, Design View, I keep getting "Compile error. In Table-Level Validation Expression" when  I try to save. Then  when I try to leave to go to another view, it says i have to save, and the cycle starts over. What is table-level validation expression, I don't think I have entered any validation expressions at all. Kind of new at this, and I could use some help.

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Just to be sure we're on the same page. Access 2002 is pretty old and has not been considered a viable version since Access 2003 was introduced, and that too is long out of date. If that's the only option open to you, so be it. But I would strongly consider upgrading.


So, the validation rule is one of the possible properties you can define for a field in a table. It is an expression which controls what kind of values can be added. E.g. perhaps it would limit values in a number to only positive values. 

It's possible you've accidentally typed something into that property, and that is what causes this problem.