API Connetion with DHL Germany

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Hello all,


Somebody have an experience with DHL API in connection with MS-Access VBA. Actually i want to generate a DHL Delievery Note. If somebody have experience in this regards, please let me know.


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Not specifically with that API, but others, yes. What specific question(s) do you have?

Check out this video.


You might pay special attention to the section where JuanJo explains how you can use Postman to explore APIs and learn how to structure calls to them to accomplish tasks they support. 

A great library for using the web from VBA: https://github.com/VBA-tools/VBA-Web
Thanks, Tom.
JuanJo discussed that Github library in his presentation, and showed how he uses it in his Access projects.

I'm new to this forum, but I just had to jump in and say something because I actually have some experience working with DHL API and MS-Access VBA. Generating a DHL Delivery Note can be quite tricky, but it's definitely possible with the right setup. I've found that the key to success is making sure you have a solid connection between your VBA code and the DHL API. Now, when it comes to shipping table rates, I highly recommend checking out this link https://calcurates.com/features/table-rates. It's a resource that can help you understand how to set up your shipping rates in a clear and concise way.