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From within my Access app, I've been able to open, edit, save and close a pdf file using the Adobe Acrobat reference. The app had been running great for several months.  Recently, the VBA "Save" command no longer saves the pdf.  I have verified this issue on multiple devices and similar Access apps.  Adobe Support says they're not at blame.  Is anyone aware of a patch, update, etc. from Microsoft (or Adobe) that might be causing this issue?

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Can you please clarify exactly which reference you are using (complete reference name and filename without the path). Also what is your SAVE code line?

I'm using the Adobe Acrobat 10.0 Type Library reference. The filename is Acrobat.tlb.


Here's my code:

Dim intA As Integer
intA = theForm.Save(1, B)
If theForm.Save(1, B) = False Then
  MsgBox "Error 'If theForm.Save(1, B) = False' has occurred.", vbCritical, "Error"
  Kill B
  Set AcroApp = Nothing
  Set theForm = Nothing
  Exit Sub
End If

However, it appears I may have sorted this out. As you may recall, my VBA "Save" command stopped saving newly-edited pdf files sometime recently.

Using two PCs, I tested several configurations and this is what I found:

  • Fully-updated (Microsoft) + Adobe Acrobat DC (installed 1/12/22): Doesn't work
  • Fully-updated (Microsoft) + Adobe Acrobat DC 2020: Works fine
  • Not-recently-updated (Microsoft) + Adobe Acrobat DC 2020: Works fine

As such, I'm of the opinion that the issue is with my latest version (2021.011.20039) of Adobe Acrobat DC.

Thanks for your interest!

That seems logical to me. You do not say what Adobe Acrobat DC 2020 + Adobe Acrobat DC (installed 1/12/22): does. I guess I was not aware that there was a DC 2020 version. I thought there was a DC version and a 2020 version...
I did not install and test both apps simultaneously. My goal is to get my Acrobat subscription working correctly. I'm currently working with Adobe to resolve this issue and will report my findings.

After first telling me I needed to upgrade to an Enterprise License (wrong) followed by "it's impossible to roll-back to my previous version" (wrong), I received an email today from Adobe with excellent instructions on rolling-back to my previous version.  As expected, all good now.