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access status bar show half height

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Access 365. My status bar is half height. Record numbers etc. shows only half and are hard to read.

Happened a few years back, but don't remember what the fix is.

I'm a extremely low level Access user. But I've been using Word since it was on one 360 floppy. so Microsoft office has been my program forever. I updated from 2003 to 365.  (May I say ...yuck?)

Here's a screenshot. Tried changing screen resolutions, font sizes, and have spent 2 hrs browsing for an answer. 

Anyhow, hope someone can tell me the fix. I'll give an email as I might not remember to get back to this page.

thanks for any help

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It looks to me like the Access Window itself might be less than fully expanded.
I think its a display glitch and I have also seen it before.
As an 'experiment' try changing the display to overlapping windows. Close Access & reopen
If you prefer tabbed documents, change it back again afterwards. Close Access & reopen again.
Did anybody ever come up with a solution for this? I have the same problem and it is extremely annoying.
Have you tried my suggestion about toggle display modes to/from tabbed documents and back again?

@isladogs Yes I tried it and it doesn't change a thing. I would put up a screenshot but I looked at the other guy and his screenshot is exactly the same as mine. It appears that the Status bar at the bottom covers about 1/2 of the Navigation Bar inside a query or table window.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I am hoping someone can come up with an answer.

Can you post a simple database which displays this effect. Remove anything not needed and any confidential data.
If you can do that, I can check whether the problem is part of the specific database itself or an Access issue
I tried this several times without success. Thanks for the suggestion. Any other thoughts?
Yes. It failed. Thanks though.
Please can you post a sample database showing the effect as already requested


Has any solution been found for this?. I have multiple databases and all show the same.


I've never experienced the issue not heard of similar reports from other users other than in this thread.

I asked the OP to upload an example database showing this issue on more than one occasion but he/she didn't do so. Doing that would allow me to determine whether the issue is with the apps and, if not, then its probably an issue with monitor display settings


I have the same problem. Have tried changing resolution, font sizes, tabular view, disconnecting second monitor, hiding status bar, rebooting, etc. It is not specific to any one database. I created an extremely simple test database to prove this. The record selector is almost completely covered up in tables, queries, and forms. Haven't been able to find any resolution, and it's really frustrating not to be able to see how many records are in a set.  Tried to upload a screen shot but it looks like I don't have permission.


I'd be happy to look at your test db and see if I can replicate the issue
You can contact me by email - I think you can find the address by clicking on my user name.
If not, go to my website and click the Contact link at the bottom of the home page

It would be helpful to know your Access version & bitness together with the same for Windows.
If it helps, you can download my free Access add-in to collect this info:


Thanks for your willingness to look at this.  My test database is literally just creating any new blank database.  Any objects within it where the record navigator is displayed, it is covered up (seemingly by the status bar, but turning off the status bar does not resolve just makes it covered by the Windows taskbar instead).


My Windows version is:  Windows 10 Enterprise Version 21H1 - Build 10.0.19043.1889 64-bit

MS Access version is:  Access 365 - Build 16.0.15726.20174 64-bit


This is on a Lenovo T15 notebook.  I tried the same thing on a co-worker's similar laptop and had the same issue.  I also tested on another co-worker's Lenovo desktop with similar software config and that worked normally.


Playing around more, it seems like it may be related to the Windows taskbar but I still can't resolve it.  If I set the taskbar to auto-hide, it doesn't actually auto-hide but now the record navigator is completely invisible/off the bottom of the screen (previously I could only see the very top of the record nav bar, but not enough to use it) *and* the File-Options button in Access is also not visible as it's under the Windows task bar.


Fun stuff, thanks again for your willingness to look at it.  I will see if I can find anything re: auto-hiding the Windows taskbar on this Lenovo model.  I am also trying to track down a usb monitor to see if that works.

Meh. I got the Windows taskbar auto-hide working, but still have the same issue with the Access record navigation bar being covered up and unusable.



I do not know what caused this to start happening out of nowhere. I have used Access for well over a decade and it just suddenly started doing this.  Also, why does Access not correct this? They have known about it for some time now. They have had plenty of time to fix it.

I've been using Access for over 25 years without ever seeing this issue myself.
The only reports I've seen are in this thread.
I've asked repeatedly for example databases to be uploaded so I can test and, if appropriate, report this as a bug. I'm still waiting for someone to do so.

Any bugs can only be fixed if they are reported to the Access team. It is always helpful to supply an example database in which the issue can be reliably replicated.


OK, I have a small database I can upload but cannot see how to upload it.  plus a screen shot to show how it appears.






OK - still happy to look at any example database if you can upload or email it to me as previously explained.

You should be able to upload it if you use the full text editor option as shown in the screenshot





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This issue also came up in the thread at another forum

Another forum member suggested the cause & I can now reliably replicate the issue (tested on 2 PCs) as well as describing the fix

The screenshot below shows my Access window with a form & 2 queries all showing part of the navigation bar hidden



Notice the huge size of the text in the Access menu, nav pane & status bar .... that's the cause


I had previously tested increasing the scaling in Windows settings but that doesn't cause the issue as all screen elements are scaled up by the same amount.


However changing Make Text Bigger in Windows settings by moving the slider to the right does cause the issuebecause the text size is increased but other design elements remain unchanged



To fix the problem, move the slider significantly to the left and click apply.

The default setting is at the extreme left (100%)

Close & re-open Access and all should now be fine


If you need text to be larger, then I suggest using the Make Everything Bigger scaling in Windows Settings instead e.g. 125% or 150% so everything increases in proportion.


Please can anyone affected by ths issue test the above & report back on whether it solves your issue



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