access status bar show half height

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Access 365. My status bar is half height. Record numbers etc. shows only half and are hard to read.

Happened a few years back, but don't remember what the fix is.

I'm a extremely low level Access user. But I've been using Word since it was on one 360 floppy. so Microsoft office has been my program forever. I updated from 2003 to 365.  (May I say ...yuck?)

Here's a screenshot. Tried changing screen resolutions, font sizes, and have spent 2 hrs browsing for an answer. 

Anyhow, hope someone can tell me the fix. I'll give an email as I might not remember to get back to this page.

thanks for any help

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It looks to me like the Access Window itself might be less than fully expanded.
I think its a display glitch and I have also seen it before.
As an 'experiment' try changing the display to overlapping windows. Close Access & reopen
If you prefer tabbed documents, change it back again afterwards. Close Access & reopen again.
Did anybody ever come up with a solution for this? I have the same problem and it is extremely annoying.
Have you tried my suggestion about toggle display modes to/from tabbed documents and back again?

@isladogs Yes I tried it and it doesn't change a thing. I would put up a screenshot but I looked at the other guy and his screenshot is exactly the same as mine. It appears that the Status bar at the bottom covers about 1/2 of the Navigation Bar inside a query or table window.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I am hoping someone can come up with an answer.

Can you post a simple database which displays this effect. Remove anything not needed and any confidential data.
If you can do that, I can check whether the problem is part of the specific database itself or an Access issue
I tried this several times without success. Thanks for the suggestion. Any other thoughts?
Yes. It failed. Thanks though.
Please can you post a sample database showing the effect as already requested