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This week Microsoft announced the first flight for the MSIX Packaging Tool Insider Program, sign in to UserVoice using your Azure Active Directory (AD) credentials, and more streamlined iOS enrollment for Intune.


@Federico Porceddu is our Member of the Week, a strong contributor especially in the SharePoint Developer space


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Thanks @Eric Starker!! Glad to see my article listed as Handy Resource, great contributions!


Wow! Thanks @Eric Starker , I'm proud to contribute in my own small way to Tech community, by supporting SharePoint developers and community members. In my opinion, community support is essential, not only for issues resolution but also for the growth of technological products on which we work every day.
TechCommunity is definitely a virtual place where this happens, so thanks to the support of all the participants and the many Microsoft MVPs that attend it.


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Well done @Federico Porceddu for being the member of the week and your contributions to the community!