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Let’s Celebrate - The Microsoft Tech Community is 100,000 Strong!



We’re excited to announce that the Microsoft Tech Community has now surpassed 100,000 community members. To celebrate, we’ve awarded our first 100,000 community members our 100K Milestone Badge. Thank you all for your contributions and for making the Tech Community such an amazing place to connect and learn 


Since our launch just over a year ago, we’ve continued to see amazing growth in the community. Our team has enjoyed meeting community members at Microsoft Ignite and Tech Summits. We're continuously working to bring value to the community, so in the last year we've added Community Events, Tech Academy, and Microsoft Ignite and Tech Summit content to the community. In the future, our team is looking forward to making the Microsoft Tech Community even stronger with great content and more ways to connect and get involved. We appreciate you for being a part of our journey! 


To celebrate this milestone, we’re awarding an additional badge to those who play the game below and comment on this blog! Comment with your high score, tag your friends to challenge them, or share what you love about the Microsoft Tech Community to earn this badge. Make sure to comment by 12pm PST on Friday, December 8th, 2017 to receive the badge. 


SpaceInvader - smaller still.gif 

Click here to play*

*A Space Invaders HTML5 Porting by arcadeJHS. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 3.0 - Unported license (CC BY-SA 3.0).


Thank you for making the Microsoft Tech Community a great place to be! 

Frequent Contributor

Haha ... I started to play ... then it dawned on me that being head of department and playing a game in work time is probably not a good idea, kinda sends the wrong message. Totally tempted by one of the first computer games I ever played.


Nice milestone!

 This is really remarkable milestone to achieve 100K member mark. thanks.  

Regular Visitor

Nice badge opportunity.  Loved this game growing up.  I quit at 2k.

@Anna Chu, congratulations and thank you personally and entire team to make this community so great. Despite all negatives we discuss from time to time.


Will update my stats in a week or so when I'm back from East Coast to StPete.

Congratulations to all that make this community reach this step ! 

Frequent Contributor

Definitely a great milestone @Anna Chu. Congratulations!

Occasional Contributor

Stopped at 30.

No good idea to play this in an open space office ;-)

Senior Member

Congratulations guys ! It's now my favorite page :)


Awesome! Onward to 200,000!

Trusted Contributor

Congratulations, it is a remarkable achievement and a testament to all the work that goes on behind the scenes to make this community accessible and so enlightening.

Frequent Contributor

Great way to spend a few minutes :)

Regular Visitor

I quit at 1190. Great way to relax for a few minutes at work.

New Contributor

What fun! I enjoy being a part of the TechCommunity because I always learn something new. Keep up the good work.

Occasional Contributor

Congrats! I'm sure you will keep on growing, it's an awesome resource. My high score was 300. 

560 with a dodgy keyboard :-(

Occasional Contributor

Great milestone!


Just recently discovered this community when we started using Microsoft Teams and the other parts of Office 365 more seriously. There are a lot of knowledge here to find and be a part of!

Congratulations!  And nice award to everyone, an old favorite.  :)  

I am so going to try this at home! <--see what I did there


Seriously, congratulations on reaching 100K in a relatively short time! I appreciate how this space helps people find people through their areas of expertise or interest, and it's great to be in touch with real live Microsoft people here, too. :) Great job!!

Congratulations and great job of all the people that is part of this community!!!

And LOL, what game ^-^

Massive kudos to the community for hitting this milestone!

Senior Member

Congratulations on the milestone! Love the retro game! Still have it on my Atari 800XL.

Regular Visitor

Fun way to celebrate!

Fantastic, this is a great effort and fantastic community. I'm glad I jumped on so early.

Trusted Contributor

Thanks for the 'Space Conqueror' badge, very cool! The '100k Milestone' badge is also pretty nifty.

+1 for the "Space Conqueror" badge ! Many Thanks Tech Community !