When we started to provide technical and Skype Operations Framework (SOF) readiness training through Skype Academy, we only had a few Readiness sessions available. But over the last year, the number of training materials grew substantially, so we decided to add a few new features to Skype Academy to give our customers and partners a better learning experience, including personalized training plans, the ability to add/remove training assets to your plan, and the ability the track the progress of your learning path.

Personalized training plans

If you are interested to learn about Skype for Business, you might wonder where to start: This is where My Plan will help you. When you navigate to Skype Academy, you will now be asked for your “Learning Preferences” – the areas you are interested in – and based on your selections, you will receive a customized training plan showing only the training assets which specifically meet your needs.




Browse the full training catalog

While it is great to have a customized training plan, you can still browse the full training catalogue. In the Search options, you can search training titles and descriptions or, if you don’t provide any search terms, just see all available training.

Add and remove trainings to your plan

As described above, your personal training plan is driven by your learning preferences. However, you can manually add or remove trainings if you feel your learning needs are different. You can remove training material directly from My Plan and add training in the Search view.



Track your training progress

Ever lose sight of which training materials you've already completed? The new Skype Academy allows you to track the training you have already completed. With this feature, you always know which training material have not yet been completed. In addition, we have now added an overall progress bar to show you what percentage of your training plan you have completed.





Rate our training

Have feedback on our training material? For us to improve our training, we need your feedback on each training asset. Click on the Rate it link beside each asset and rate the quality of our training on a scale from 0 to 10. We encourage you to provide additional (written) feedback to helps us further understand how we can improve our training.




Call to action

  1. Go to Skype Academy and test the new features.
  2. Tell your peers.
  3. Share your feedback. Please let us know what you think about the changes. Is this useful? Is something missing? What are your challenges when getting ready on Skype for Business?
  4. Feel free to add ideas to our feedback site or discuss with us in the forums.