Certified Skype for Business Online Phones and what this means for Microsoft Teams

Current certified IP phones for Skype for Business Online will be supported by Microsoft Teams.


Skype for Business Online has a wide range of IP Phones that have been tested and certified as documented in Getting phones for Skype for Business Online. Since we just announced at Ignite, that “Teams will evolve as the primary client for intelligent communications in Office 365, replacing the current Skype for Business client over time” (source: A new vision for intelligent communications in Office 365) customers are wondering, if their Skype for Business Online phones will work against Microsoft Teams as well.


This FAQ should answer the many questions raised at Ignite and post around Skype for Business Online phones and Microsoft Teams.


Will my IP Phone continue to work when I switch to Microsoft Teams?

Yes, we plan to support all Skype for Business Online Certified phones: Certified Skype for Business Phones (3PIP) and Lync Phone Edition* (LPE) with Microsoft Teams. 




* LPE phones mainstream support ends April 2018, so support for any changes will limited after that time.


When will these phones be supported with Microsoft Teams?

We are planning to support these phones with Microsoft Teams in the second quarter 2018.


What Phone System / PBX features will be supported on these IP Phones after switching to Microsoft Teams?

All Phone System / PBX premium features in Skype for Business Online today (such as Call Queues and Auto Attendant) will continue to work on 3PIP IP Phones after switching to Microsoft Teams.  We will be working with our phone partners to deliver a new phone experience for advanced Phone System / PBX features on our future roadmap for Microsoft Teams.


What features will be supported on these IP Phones after switching to Microsoft Teams?

We plan to support the following Skype for Business Online existing features with no change in user experience:

  • Authentication: All Skype for business authentication (Sign-in) capabilities will remain unchanged
  • Calling: Users will be able to make/receive calls on their phones post switching to Microsoft Teams with no change in experience. That includes Peer to peer calling as well as PSTN calling.
  • Presence and Picture information: Presence information will remain to work as is on the IP Phones
  • Corporate & Local Directory: Users will still have access to corporate directory and local directory on the IP Phones
  • Joining Skype for Business scheduled meetings (Online or Server): All existing Skype for Business meeting capabilities will continue to work.

Joining Microsoft Teams scheduled meetings:  The capabilities on IP Phones for users joining a Microsoft Teams meeting (either scheduled by the user themselves or someone else) will be as follows: 

IP Phone Meeting Capability

Post-Teams Support

Receive a notification on the phone about an upcoming meeting


Calendar access, and meeting details


Join a prescheduled meeting using the 1-Click-Join procedure


Add a participant to an ongoing meeting


IP Phone can be added to an ongoing meeting using the Add Participant meeting feature


Mute/Unmute a conference


Display Meeting Info on the phone


Show the list of meeting participants


Display the active speaker notification


Hold/Resume a conference


BToE support for meetings

To be determined

Escalate P2P call to meeting

To be determined

Admit a participant from Lobby

To be determined

Hide details for private meetings

To be determined

Remove a Participant

To be determined

Lock the meeting

To be determined

Enable/Disable annunciator

To be determined

Show Acceptance status per participant

To be determined

End meeting

To be determined

Promote to presenter

To be determined

Other new Microsoft Teams meeting capabilities

To be determined 

Will IP Phones user interface change (i.e. branding to Microsoft Teams) once I switch the user account?

The user experience on 3PIP and LPE phones will not change when a user moves to Microsoft Teams.


Will Skype for Business Server connected IP Phones get affected?

There will be no change to IP Phones connected to Skype for Business Server. They will be able to join Microsoft Teams scheduled meeting with the experience detailed in the table above.


What tenant-admin or user action is required for IP Phones to support Teams? 

No tenant-admin or users action or configuration is required when users are switched to Microsoft Teams.


Hopefully this covered the most important questions – if not, let us know in the comments section!


Super blog Thomas, thanks ....

How about the plan to support Common Area Phones on SfB as well as on Teams ?

Would u mind share more on the roadmap plan particularly on the licensing side as well as what will be the basic features of common are phone ?

Since this is very much needed in every customer.


@Adrian Rozaq, yes, we plan to support Common Area Phones with Microsoft Teams.