Skype for Business Certified IP Phones with Microsoft Teams

For a complete, enriched Teams experience, we recommend customers use certified IP phones running Microsoft Teams natively and available on Teams Marketplace.


If customers have IP phones certified for Skype for Business, and are preparing for an upgrade to Microsoft Teams, the Skype for Business phones will continue to sign into the Skype for Business service and support a limited number of core functionalities listed below. There is no additional setup needed on the customer site for this to work. As customers prepare for the upgrade to Teams, they must consider deploying Teams native phones for a complete Teams experience.



Sign in with user credentials/Web Sign-in

Modern Authentication

Phone lock/unlock

Hot Desking Support


Incoming/Outgoing P2P calls from/to Teams users

In-call controls via UI

(Mute/unmute, hold/resume, blind transfer, end call)

PSTN calls

Visual Voicemail

911 support

Calendar and Presence

Calendar Access and Meeting Details

Presence Integration

Exchange Calendar Integration

Contact Picture Integration

Corporate Directory Access

Visual Voicemail


One-click Join for Pre-Scheduled Teams Meeting

Meeting Call controls

(Mute/unmute, hold/resume, hang up,

Add/remove participant)

Meeting Reminders

Add Skype for Business participant to ongoing meeting

Device Update and Management

Device Update

In-band provisioning

QoE & Log Upload

Common Area Phone Support

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Just to clarify, is it a subset of the above listed functionalities that will be supported on SfB certified IP phones or all of the ones in the list?

@Nathan Chapman all features on this list are supported


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Except that if you follow the links, you find out that there is currently ZERO desk phones for Teams, and ONE camera.

@Lorne Rogers, there are 3 desk phones listed. These desk phones from Audiocodes and Yealink are available. A firmware updates will provide native teams experience for these devices. The new portfolio of Teams devices announced this year are planned to GA in early 2019.

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@Chantal De Menezes, when I filtered for "teams" zero results showed.

@Kruthika Ponnusamy, you specifically call out "Incoming/Outgoing P2P calls from/to Teams users". Am I reading this right when I assume this means I cannot answer Call Queue calls on IP phones certified for Skype for Business?


Microsoft? Is anyone monitoring these threads? Would be great to get an answer to my query above @Kruthika Ponnusamy @Chantal De Menezes

@Damien Margaritis When users upgrade to Teams, Call Queues will work via the native Teams IP phones. We do not support it today on Skype for Business IP phones.

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Not that it will likely matter, but it’s just plain wrong that certified SfB phones will not support the full Teams feature set, particularly since SfB is being phased out after a relatively short lifecycle. Today, I discovered that you cannot admit an external participant to a Teams call from a SfB Polycom phone. Our organization uses conference calls primarily to communicate with external parties. Now, all Dial-in meetings will have to be hosted from a Teams client, not a phone. Technology should build on existing functionality and make work easier, not harder. Come on, Microsoft.

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@David Stradleysometimes you need to make a big leap in tech that means the old tech becomes redundant. Teams devices use REST whereas SfB devices use SIP. This is a fundamental change that means the older tech (Skype Certified phones) won't work on Teams. Whilst this isn't ideal, it opens up so many more capabilities in the future. Microsoft and device vendors are working hard to provide interop capabilities between Skype and Teams but there will always be edge cases that aren't catered for. It's certainly a downside of fast evolving technology.