Call Queues and Auto Attendant trainings updated

As announced in last week's blog post What's new for Auto Attendants and Call Queues in July 2017? Call Queues and Auto Attendant got updated with new features and improvements.


@Korneel Bullens updated the Skype Academy training for Call Queues and Auto Attendant with this latest content.


If you have already watched the previous versions of the trainings, you probably want to just review the blog article mentioned above, but if you have not seen the sessions yet, you can leverage them to learn all you need to know about these Cloud PBX features.


Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback in the community.


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@Thomas Binder can you clarify if these features are accessible for all Cloud PBX users (not just those with E3 or E5 licenses?).


We're seeing (and hoping to use!) Call Queues and Auto Addendants with the Skype for Business [Plan 2] + Cloud PBX license -- but a couple pages say these features are only for E3 and E5 users.


@Nicholas Semenkovich, can you point me to the documentation where we haev conflicting information?

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@Thomas Binder The individual feature pages say E3 or E5 is required (e.g. Queues and Attendants both say "Your organization must have (at a minimum) an Enterprise E3 ...").


But no other features seem to be limited to E3 or E5 (you just need a Cloud PBX License), and:


- The feature table says Queue and Attendant are only included with E5 (with the included PBX license) and makes no mention of them being limited to E3+E5



- The Cloud PBX page lists these as features


- Both the Queue and Attendant training videos say just Cloud PBX License


-  I don't have an E3 or E5 license (just Microsoft 365 Business w/ Skype for Business (Plan 2) + Cloud PBX license) and I am seeing & using Call Queues and Auto Attendants.



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The Auto Attendant PowerPoint indicates "Voicemail" as one of the destination targets (slide 33). This is something we need but do not see it as an option when setting up an auto attendant via the Skype for Business admin portal. Can this be done via PowerShell or is it still not available?

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Hi Thomas


Whats the latest - on CCE and Call queue compatibility, it we have several offices around thw world, and some offices utilize CCE some run PSTN Main Numbers (Service number assigned to Call queue) , will the Office that run PSTN Calling be able to utilize Call queue like that - whiule others are on CCE  ?


Or is it alerady so that even the CCE offices can use Call queues ?

Kindes regards