SharePoint Patterns & Practices - PnP Core and PnP PowerShell SIG recording - 25th of January

Vesa Juvonen

SharePoint Patterns & Practices - PnP Core and PnP PowerShell SIG recording - 25th of January


SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - PnP Core, PnP PowerShell and provisioning engine Special Interest Group (SIG) weekly call recording for the 25th of January meeting is now available from PnP YouTube channel at http://aka.ms/sppnp-videos. Presentation is available from the PnP docs at http://aka.ms/sppnp-docs.


Topics covered on 25th of January 2017

  • Early January 2017 statistics around PnP usage in SPO at 5:17
  • SharePoint Webhooks in production at 9:26
    • Upcoming SiteCreated event and PnP usage with that at 13:15
  • German cloud considerations at 18:14
  • DEMO - Considerations when building SharePoint customizations to German Cloud at 19:55
  • DEMO - Visual Studio tooling for PnP Provisioning Template generation at 30:24
  • Open Q&A at 46:41

PnP Core Component, PnP PowerShell and provisioning engine Special Interest Group bi-weekly calls are targeted for anyone who are interested on the PnP Corecomponent and PnP PowerShell capabilities in SharePoint Online and in SharePoint on-premises. 


You can download recurrent invite from http://aka.ms/SPPnP-Core-SIG-Call. Welcome and join the discussion. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to provide your input as comments to this post as well.


  • APIs
  • Developer
  • Extensibility
  • Hybrid
  • PnP
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