SharePoint Patterns & Practices - PnP Core and PnP PowerShell SIG recording - 5th of October

Vesa Juvonen


SharePoint Patterns and Practices (PnP) - PnP Core, PnP PowerShell and provisioning engine Special Interest Group (SIG) bi-weekly call recording from the 5th of October meeting is now available from PnP YouTube channel at http://aka.ms/sppnp-videos. The presentation is available from the PnP docs at http://aka.ms/sppnp-docs.


Topics covered on 5th of October 2017

  • Miscellaneous announcements - 2:22
  • Quick look on latest SharePoint Developer Roadmap - 5:26
  • Modern themes and site designs - Provisioning - 10:36
  • DEMO - End-to-end Site Design provisioning process - How to setup, configure and extend with your own logic? - Vesa Juvonen - 31:02

PnP Core Component, PnP PowerShell and provisioning engine Special Interest Group bi-weekly calls are targeted for anyone who's interested in the PnP Core component and PnP PowerShell capabilities in SharePoint Online and in SharePoint on-premises. 


You can download recurrent invite from http://aka.ms/SPPnP-Core-SIG-Call. Welcome and join the discussion. If you have any questions, comments or feedback, feel free to provide your input as comments to this post as well.

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One of the customizations that we would include in a Site Design would be to associate some custom Content Types with a Document Library. However, these Content Types come from the Content Type Hub and with the new fast creation of sites, these published Content Types are no longer automatically added to the site during creation but are instead added through the timer job which seems to run every four hours.

What would be the best way to handle this situation? Should the 'recipe' poll/wait until the published Content Types have been added to the site?
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