Introducing the new SharePoint Admin Center

Today at the SharePoint Virtual Summit, we unveiled the latest innovations for SharePoint and OneDrive, including powerful integrations across Office 365, Windows and Azure.

Innovation in the cloud drives tremendous business value, and it delivers new capabilities to the IT professionals who work tirelessly to support, configure, administer, and secure their organizations' content and services.


We've built Office 365 with global scale, exceptional reliability, and support for compliance across every industry and geography. On top of intelligent security that keeps your service and content protected and private, we give you granular and dynamic controls so that you can manage access and distribution of your organization's sensitive information. We've equipped you with detailed activity and usage reports. And we've brought the innovations born in Office 365 to SharePoint Server with out-of-the-box capabilities and connected, hybrid experiences.


While our new user experiences are designed to be simpler, more intuitive, and more powerful we also believe administration should be just as simple, just as intuitive, and just as powerful, and to that, later this year we're introducing a completely revamped SharePoint Admin center that draws heavily on our modern principles. An administrative console designed to help IT achieve more, so their users can achieve more.



The redesigned "Home" is designed to surface the most important information and quickly help you discover some of the most important information about the service, both its health, and how your organization is using SharePoint Online.




Site Management

Borrowing from the modern List experience in SharePoint Online, the new Site Management page promotes ease of use and flexibility - a one stop shop for viewing and managing some of the most important aspects of SharePoint Online sites.  You can now sort, filter, and discover information about your sites and their activity.





At the foundation of SharePoint is sharing, and we're bringing sharing controls to the forefront of administration. Closely aligned with the OneDrive Admin Center, our sharing controls are designed to help your users make the most of their work all the while making it easy for you to control the flow of your organizations information.




Device Access

If you're complacent, you're likely not compliant - however, we believe compliance shouldn't get in the way of collaboration and over the past year have introduced several new conditional access policies across user, location, and device pivots to help you secure access to your information. With the upcoming SharePoint Admin Center, you can quickly access and use these policies to address your unique business needs.




To learn more about conditional access in SharePoint Online https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/wbaer/2017/03/13/security-and-compliance-in-sharepoint-online-an... or to explore more security and compliance scenarios visit https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=848765. When you're done exploring, be sure to read our new eBook "Securing your information in the new world of work" at https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=849048.



We've taken the many settings available to you for SharePoint Online and grouped and isolated them to simplify how you manage some of the more discrete options for the service and sites.




To see more of the new SharePoint Admin Center check out the video below and to learn more be sure to register for Microsoft Ignite.



Well, long overdue I can say! Looks nice, but timeframes are suspiciously missing from the post? :)

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What about seeing site collection levels and being able to tell how much overall storage is being used (and how much total storage is available)? Also, the same question regarding resource allocation?

Would be so much easier of they were called Group Sites rather than "Team Sites (Groups)"

Occasional Contributor

I understand the need to make things simpler. But I hope there is more than what I am seeing here. There are many setting missing from the old interface that still have value. SharePoint has a rich and complex set of capabilities. Albert Einstein is credited with saying "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.”


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What API's will be available (usage, site-information, ...) whenever the new SP Admin Center goes life in Q4 2017 ? Can you share a list of upcoming APIs ? (Graph API website does not show any details :(


thank you


@Marando Freeman Thank you for the feedback - we definitely have more in store for the upcoming refresh.  These illustrations are representative of both our early thinking and builds.  We aim to have parity when we release, in addition to more capabilities that have been commonly requested.

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That's great news. Thanks for the reply.

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Can you advise when the SP admin console will go to First Release and General Availability?

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When can we try the preview?

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Hi Bill, Fantastic looking :). Any time lines for Preview & GA

Any update on when this will be available?

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looks like now - for us at least - on full tenant target release. When visiting the Classic SharePoint Admin Center, a link on the top right appears that links to the new one. URL: https://tenant-admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/online/AdminHome.aspx