General Availability of the SharePoint Migration Tool & SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool Updates



Taking advantage of cloud services doesn’t have to be difficult or a long-phased migration project.  Today we're excited to announce General Availability of the SharePoint Migration Tool, a simple, and fast migration solution to help you migrate content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365.


Based on the learning and experience from Microsoft FastTrack, the SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft  was designed to help you bring your information to the cloud and take advantage of the latest collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.


With a few simple clicks in the intuitive user interface, you can quickly and easily migrate files from file shares, SharePoint sites, or support bulk migrations.




Whether you’re looking to migrate from file shares on-premises to SharePoint or OneDrive or from on-premises versions of SharePoint, the SharePoint Migration Tool supports the smallest of migrations to large scale migrations with support for bulk scenarios.


SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool Updates

In parallel to releasing the SharePoint Migration Tool, we’re also making it easier to ensure your migration is successful by helping you remediate common migration issues before they occur through improvements to the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool.  Improvements in the latest release include:


A Unified Download Package

  • SMAT.exe will determine the version of SharePoint on which it’s installed and run the appropriate tool based on the parameters passed to it. Works on both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013.

New and Updates Assessment Scans

  • New Assessment Scans
    • Custom Permission Levels. Enumerates and reports on all locations that a custom permission level has been created.
    • External Lists – Enumerates and reports on all external lists (BCS connected) in the environment.
  • Changes to existing assessment scans
    • Default filter added to site language to exclude 1033.
    • Default filter added to Customized Pages to exclude anything under _catalogs.
    • Retry logic added to calls to remote resources such as SQL Server. This will help the scans succeed in environments with suspect connectivity. -r switch  added to command line to enable an operator to specify the number of retries. Default is 3.

Improved Identity Mapping Support

  • Ability to generate a full identity report that provides a comprehensive view of the users and groups that have access to the SharePoint environment and if they were able to be mapped to Azure Active Directory identities.
  • Ability to generate an identity mapping file that can be consumed by SPMT or other tool that can use the SMAT identity mapping format.
  • New identity mapping scans configured in the same scandef.json file as the assessment scans.
    • SharePoint Identity Scanner - Discovers all the users and groups that have access to SharePoint.
    • Active Directory Identity Scanner - If the identities found in SharePoint are Windows accounts, lookup Active Directory information for the users and groups. This data is useful to track down identities that did not have a mapping in Azure Active Directory.
    • Azure Active Directory Identity Scanner - Look up users and groups found in SharePoint in the Azure Active Directory tenant the user logged into. Determine if there is an Exact Match, Partial Match, or No Match.
      • ExactMatch – Windows SID in SharePoint matches the OnPremisesSecurityIdentifier in Azure AD.
      • PartialMatch – Claim value in SharePoint matches UPN or email. Display Name in SharePoint matches Display Name in Azure AD.
      • NoMatch – Unable to find an exact/partial match.

While the SharePoint Migration Tool and SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool provide support for many migration scenarios, we recognize your needs may differ in scope and complexity.  For more complex migrations, support with adoption and usage, or help planning Microsoft FastTrack includes resources, tools, and experts to make your rollout of Office 365 a success.


To learn more about Microsoft FastTrack visit https://fasttrack.microsoft.com/office.  In addition, consider one of Microsoft’s many partners that can help ensure your migration to Office 365 is both seamless and successful.


Getting Started

To get started and download the new SharePoint Migration Tool from Microsoft visit https://aka.ms/spmt.


To get started and download the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool visit https://aka.ms/smat.


Great news ! Thanks for sharing @Bill Baer !

Thanks @Bill Baer...can you please confirm build is the GA release?


 @David Leveille Yes, build is the GA release build. 

Thanks for clarifying, @Helen Hua

Enjoying the latest bits, @Bill Baer. Worked for file share to sharepoint online tenant great! Fast too. Keep these great updates coming!

Occasional Contributor

SMAT doesn't support SharePoint 2016?


@Jussi Palo SMAT is limited to SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013.

New Contributor

The docs mention username and password. Does it support federated identities with smart cards?


@Dávid Sass I'm adding @Simon Bourdages to comment on roadmap and federated identity.



Thanks Bill 


I may have missed it; but, does it migrate lists with this release? 


List support and ADFS for on premise is something that are not currently supported but are in the work and should be added relatively soon. to have it the soonest you can select first release from the install page.

Occasional Visitor

Is there any plan to support SP 2016 in future?


We do want to support 2016 in the future but we are going to tackle 2010 support first before that. 


I'm running v. and got and error saying "Error during migration, cannot create package due to file is locked". Anyone else seeing this before? Can we have a setting for "continue on error" please, ;)




@Jimmy Hang the tool normally doesn't halt on a specific issue we normally process all files we are able to.   one possibility would be that the rest of the files where locked. if you feel like something is not working the way it should I am happy to chat more, simply send me a private message here and we will look at it.

Frequent Visitor

So after about 1+ weeks trying to work with support. I am at the end of my rope.


I have been using the SPMT since its initial beta release with mostly positive fellings/thoughts & experience. 


however it appears that right around when this went GA I have been having ongoing issue with all my batches.


I typically am seeing these errors on all new migrations I run. 


Also 1 thing I noticed, is I have 3 servers running the tool.

On the first (the initial one that was using the beta) The tool says its version The progress bars are a solid color.

On my other 2 servers (installed the tool after it was GA) also report, however the progress bars are checkerd? (blue sqaure, white space, blue square, white space, etc)


The errors I have been receiving are below.


The main one I am seeing on the newer servers is: This is an expected exception, please report to microsoft with the details (which i have & have gotten 0 help, & the help supplied stated that the issue was with my domain account on the server as it couldnt read/write Reg values. However this was proven incorrect by setting up a new account & trying again. )


The other errors I am seeing is:  Invalid Site URL (basically it tells me the path to the users onedrive is not valid) However when I click on their name/link in the tool its takes me to their Onedrive. (However I have noticed that If the tool throws that error, & I instantly click on the users name to take me to the site, I get a generic Sharepoint "Something not right" error page. I refresh the page & 99% of the time the page loads, I have had 2-4 that had me click refresh 2-3 times but then show.


In the logs of the tool I do see a very curious error....


This is from the users Error Report

","DSC_2377.jpg",".jpg","148166","File","Failed","PACK FAILURE","Packaging Failure:Unknown error","N/A","N/A","0","

along with this


This is from the tools Log files

1/23/2018 4:26:10 PM][586d][49][LOGGING][EXCEPTION]Operate file '\\?\UNC\bradley-28\Home\user\MU\Templates\images\card_imgsignedicon.rgn' failed when create package: File Operation Failure - System exception:\\?\UNC\bradley-28\Home\user\MU\Templates\images\card_imgsignedicon.rgn

System.InvalidOperationException: This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms.

   at System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvider..ctor()

   at Microsoft.SharePoint.MigrationTool.MigrationLib.Package.PackageCreatorAbstract.<GroupFile>d__b.MoveNext()


Hi Steve,


For the solid bar versus not, This is based on your windows version and your graphic settings. The tool will adapt to your machine to make sure the visual still works.


For the Second part, it seems like this issue is based on the fact that the tool is not FIPS compliant Yet, I have noticed you have sent me an private message also.  Let me help you out on the second issue in that private message to not clutter this thread.  


Also worth noting the great typo you made me realise, this should be saying Unexpected instead of expected exception.  Thanks for that we will fix the typo as well.




I urgently need the ability for this tool to migrate lists, especially Picture Libraries, and also the ability to migrate from one tenant to another.


Can i add another thing as well - the ability to schedule data migrations, in order to keep the files already migrated up to date and to be abel to automate the final data migration for a customer.


@Tim Massey , We appreciate the feedback and are definitely working on improving the tool. 

New Contributor

In my initial testing from a fileshare, the migration worked really well.  Only one concern so far... the moment I ran the SPMT, my CPU was pegged and SPMT was consuming 70% of CPU (prior to starting any migration).  Anyone else seeing this?


SPMT ProcessExplorer.jpg


@Tom Castiglia 

Thanks for your feedbacks. Please contact Migration feature crew <migration_team@microsoft.com> for issue investigation. We would like to work with you to address the issue encountered in your migration.

Migration feature crew team

Say @Tom Castiglia I saw it on the preview bits, but not on the GA bits. 

New Contributor

@David Leveille - hmmm... I'm almost certain I was on GA bits.  I haven't tested since.  I'll need to try again.

Let me know how it goes, @Tom Castiglia. Been a while since I've been in that tool as well.