A small number of customers may have an issue upgrading CDS because they don't have the correct CDS license. Here is the answer...


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That video will definitely helps other in my situation. I had actually figured it out a few hours ago. We have powerApp licenses through the partner program so I assigned one to my global admin and poof a whole bunch of environments including one with (Default). I'm going through the process of upgrading the (Default) one with the uses who have affected apps and flows.


Do you know how long the test database part of the upgrade should take to create? It's been churning for about an hour. 

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I'm stuck again as the CDS upgrade process is 100% user UNfriendly. 

1) If you have any flows that are associated with removed user accounts the Step 2 Resource copies screen is blank! I didn't grab a screen shot before I removed those orphans, but here is what it looked like in a nutshell. 


2) Now that I've fixed #1, I get a list of affected flows, but 

a) I have to email each user individually by selecting their hyperlink name

b) The email has an empty <a href>

Hello James Ruskin, You have an app <a href='link'>'Recurrence -> Create a task'</a> in CDS environment 'Questionmark Corporation (default)' pending upgrade. Thank you, Admin

c) When the user navigates to their My Flows page, there is no actual upgrade message or way to upgrade!! From one user 
"OK, I've now clicked just about every ellipsis I can find. The only mention of upgrading is when I try a new-and-unsupported type, and it doesn't tell me how / give me links, it just says I need to upgrade. This is also, unhelpfully, unrelated to my _current_ flow"


we are discussing with the CDS/Flow Team

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Need a little clarification.  We are using flows and apps in the same environment that the CDS database is connected but none of the flows and apps are using the CDS database. Will there be any downtime on our current flows and apps during the upgrade?  Will our current flows and apps be upgraded in Step 2 of the upgrade process even if they are not using the CDS database? 



@Rob Weaver Its recommended that you don't update in peak load times. this being said the flow/cds team is targeting that the downtime is a 'blip' of under a second. All flows should be using the CDS database for 'state'. so even if you are connecting say SharePoint to Planner - CDS is used to store certain state for the Flow and the connector.