A new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI. Starting October 26 2017, Project Online users will be able to download the new content pack directly from AppSource:



Comprising of 13 visually rich report pages, the new content pack is designed to support the management needs of project managers, portfolio managers and resource managers, by retrieving planning and execution data from Project Online and arranging the data to support timely decision making.

The new content pack report includes reports in three key perspectives: Individual Projects, Portfolio of projects and the organization’s resources. Each perspective encompasses the following detailed report pages.


Individual ProjectsThis perspective includes 2 report pages presenting information of a single project at a time:

  • Project Status – A summary of a selected project including work and cost, over time, upcoming milestones and overall status.

Report Screenshot 3.png

  • Project Risks and Issues – Issues and risks for a selected project.

Report Screenshot.png

Portfolio of ProjectsThis perspective includes 6 report pages offering multiple analysis angles on portfolio of projects:

  • Portfolio Dashboard At a glance summary of all your projects, including completion status and performance KPIs.

Report Screenshot 1.png

  • Portfolio Timeline – An interactive timeline of projects in the portfolio, their planned start and finish dates as well as completion data.
  • Portfolio Costs – A detailed report of the portfolio costs, with details on cost status for specific projects.

Report Screenshot 4.png

  • Portfolio Milestones – Key milestones in the portfolio and their statuses.
  • Portfolio Risks – Aggregated risks across the portfolio and their impact on the portfolio.
  • Portfolio Issues – Aggregated issues across the portfolio and the causes for those issues.



ResourceThis perspective includes 5 report pages:

  • Resource Availability - Availability and demand for resources over time, presented through interactive heatmap and charts.

Report Screenshot 2.png

  • Resource Overview – A view of all the resources in the portfolio and their detailed information.
  • Resource Assignments – Deeper view into how resources are invested across the different projects in the portfolio, with information on their progress in current assignments.
  • Resource Details – A summary of a selected resource including availability, assignments and work over time.
  • Resource Demand Forecast – Forecast of demand for resource in upcoming time periods, based on current plans and predictive analytics.


How to set up the Content Pack

Go to this Power BI site to learn how to set up the Content Pack.



Where can I find the new Content Pack?

The new Content Pack is available for download, directly from Power BI through ‘Get Data’.

The Content Pack is also available on AppSource and a PBIT file is shared through GitHub.


Will the new content pack replace the previous Project Online Content Pack?

Yes, the new content pack replaces the previous Project Online Content Pack. The new Content Pack offers a larger number of reports and leverages latest Power BI capabilities, for a richer analysis experience. 

Hi Brian, great Pack ! Many thanks for sharing !

Is this replacing the Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard app?


The Dashboard was just released last year, but now it has disappeared and I cannot find the app available anywhere.

This was something we really wanted to take advantage of but cannot find it.

Is the intent to move away from the app to BI? Trying to find some direction.




Yes, Kathleen - going forward we will be concentrating on the Power BI approach and the Dashboard was removed from the store.

Best regards,


Occasional Visitor

Hi Brian, thank for this one, visually this is very nice and I would like to update our current PMO dashboards with this one. Will you also make a .pbix file available which will make it easy to customize?


Hi Mangaiah, the Github repository mentioned in the article has a PBIT file which should help with your customization plans.


Where can I find the new Content Pack?

The new Content Pack is available for download, directly from Power BI through ‘Get Data’.

The Content Pack is also available on AppSource and a PBIT file is shared through GitHub.


Best regards,



Occasional Visitor

Oh, I am so sorry Brian, my bad. Thank you for that.


No apology necessary Mangaiah - you are very welcome.

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Hi!  I'm excited to get something like this up and running.  I was able to install and connect, but all the tiles say "This report doesn't exists of your do not have permission to view it."  I'm a PWA Administrator, as well as a SP Site administrator.  I have a Power BI Pro license, and am able to connect to the PWA Data using Power BI Desktop.  What permissions could I be missing to view the reports?  Is there a walkthrough on how to set this up from start to finish?

EDIT:  Nevermind.  I just needed to log out and log back in after a refresh.  Great looking product!


Glad you resolved it Andrew.

Occasional Visitor

I am new to Project Online and Power BI Online and am wondering how to create my own reports/dashboards outside of what is in the Project Content Pack App.  When loading the content app, I don't have access to the data source and the ability to add reports/dashboards.


BTW, I am working from a Mac and therefore cannot load Power BI Desktop.


Thanks in advance for the assistance.




Occasional Visitor

Great dashboard and is already proving useful within our organisation, focusing .Portfolio Lead and Project Manager attention on their plans and the data within them.


That said, however, I am experiencing one problem when trying to convert the Availability (Capacity) and Demand reports to pick up data from our Project Online, in that

  • the Capacity figures are coming out as a flat value in the thousands for each person (e.g. 3,172.5) and at a constant, rather than dipping for the weekends
  • the Demand figures are varying but are also in the thousands for each person, e.g. 1,044.02

What am I doing wrong please ?