Configuring approvals for lists and libraries

Kerem Yuceturk

Configuring approvals for lists and libraries

We are adding a new menu item under the Flow menu that will let customers configure the type of approvals they would like to use in their lists and libraries (Request sign-off, or Content approval), or turn approvals off altogether. 

We have added this feature based on the feedback that we received for the rollout of the Request sign-off feature, where some customers preferred to use the Content approval feature which changes the visibility of the current item based on the approval status, and there are fixed approvers for a given list or library, or other customers had other custom flows configured for their list or library, and did not want to have Request sign-off to become a source of confusion for their users.


To make changes, as site owner, you will be able click on Flow->Configure flows in the command bar of your list or library:ConfigureFlows.PNG




Then in the panel that appears, pick the approval method that you'd like, or turn approvals off altogether:ConfigureFlows2.PNG


The new configuration panel will become available for our Targeted Release customers in early September, and then go to the rest of our customers. We expect to complete the rollout by September 19.


Please continue to keep the feedback for our features coming, and tell us how we can make SharePoint work better for you.

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Re: Configuring approvals for lists and libraries

this is great

Re: Configuring approvals for lists and libraries

What is the difference between Request Sign-Off and Content Approval?

Re: Configuring approvals for lists and libraries

Hi @Marc Laflamme


Request sign-off is a new lightweight open-ended approval process that requires no set up. We introduced this earlier this year for lists and libraries.


Content approval is an earlier feature that SharePoint had for a long time. It is more formal than Request sign-off in that the approvers can only be the people with approval permissions on the site. It also affects whether or not items/pages/files are visible to visitors of the site. It is commonly used for page approval scenarios.

Re: Configuring approvals for lists and libraries

Thanks. I found another document detailing page approvals that was rolled out a few months ago but have been unable to get it to work. The issue we're experiencing is that members have site edit which we want all edits to be approved by the owner. Thought this would satisfy the request but I'm not sure if it will.
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