Starting today, Planner tasks assigned to you will appear in To-Do under a new Assigned to Me list. This integration, which is available to anyone with an Office 365 Enterprise or Office 365 in Education plan, addresses your most popular request: integration with Outlook tasks. It also continues our efforts to build a seamless task management experience between Planner and other Microsoft 365 tools, like we’ve already done with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Flow, Microsoft SharePoint, and others.


Once enabled—steps for doing this are below—the Planner-integrated Assigned to Me list will appear across all major To-Do platforms: web, Windows, Android, and iOS mobile apps.


To-Do integration with Planner bridges the gap between individual and team tasks. We are integrating with To-Do because Outlook tasks is being replaced with the To-Do app. This experience has already shipped for Outlook Web users, and the To-Do team is working on bringing this to Outlook Desktop apps as well. To-Do is your hub for organizing and focusing on all of your tasks. Planner is a collaborative space for you and your team to see how everyone’s tasks fit into a plan. Together, To-Do and Planner simplify work management by allowing you to focus on your tasks at hand and easily jump back into Planner to collaborate with your team.

But first, you need to enable it

To get started, you need to enable Planner connectivity within To-Do; it cannot be enabled within Planner.

The easiest way to do this is on the blue banner that will pop out in the lower-left corner the first time you open To-Do after this release. Simply click “Show list” and you’re set. Just note, you’ll only see this banner the first time you log into To-Do. (Your banner might look slightly different from the one pictured below if you’re using an Android or iOS device. But switching on the integration works the same.)



If you missed the banner, you can also enable the integration by following the below steps.

  1. Go to To-Do, either from your Office 365 app launch, to-do.office.com, or through your Windows, Android, or iOS app.
  2. Select the gear icon in the upper-right corner, then “To-Do Settings.”
  3. In the pop-out window, scroll down to the “Connections” section and ensure “Tasks from Planner” is turned on.Settings steps.png

Work with Planner tasks across various To-Do lists

Tasks assigned from Planner are automatically added to your To-Do task database—after you’ve enabled the integration, of course—which means your Assigned to Me tasks act much like traditional To-Do tasks and can appear across a few other lists if you’d like. These lists include:

  • Assigned to Me: This is the default list where all your Planner-assigned tasks will appear. From this list you can:
    • Edit the task title and description
    • View and edit checklist items and due dates
    • Mark a task as complete or incomplete
    • View the Planner plan name and assignees
    • Open the task in PlannerPlanner side.png

      Tasks assigned in Planner appear in the new Assigned to Me list, where you can edit checklist items, mark the task as complete, and more. All task changes in To-Do are replicated in Planner, and vice versa.

  • Planned: Any Planner task with a due date appears in your Planned list, giving you another outlet for keeping all your tasks organized.
  • My Day: Planner tasks also appear as “Suggestions” in your My Day list, just like traditional To-Do tasks. From “Suggestions,” you can add Assigned to Me tasks to your My Day list to help you focus on what’s most important right now. Any action you can take on a task in Assigned to Me is also available to you in the My Day list.

My day.png

Your assigned Planner tasks also appear as suggestions to add to your My Day list


And since Planner tasks live in the To-Do database, you can find them using To-Do’s search functionality.


There are a few features not yet supported when working with Planner tasks in To-Do. These include creating a Planner task from within To-Do, adding and editing assignees or attachments, creating a recurring task, and using drag-and-drop to reorder tasks within a list or to reorder steps within a task.


If you’d like more details about Planner tasks in To-Do, please visit our support article.

Tell us what you think!

We appreciate all of the feedback and ideas we received about this integration. It's been an enormous help during this process. Please continue to let us know what you'd like to see!

What are you most excited about with this integration? Leave a comment below to tell us how you’re using Planner and To-Do together to get even more done!

Have an idea of what we can improve? Head to Planner’s UserVoice site to vote, comment on, and add new ideas.








Occasional Visitor

This is a really useful development so thanks and well done. The fact that planner task notifications are also starting to feed through on teams is also good.  The next big step for me in terms of really helping my business optimise the use of planner would be for all comments on planner tasks to be notified to task assignees - not by email but maybe in planner, teams and to do.  Being able to @ people in planner task comments would also be good.

Occasional Visitor

all development which go to merging between outlook and "task" management is something good. If the path between both needs a link through To Do as a temporary solution to begin to try new functionalities : why not !


Graal stays for me one single tool to manage tasks and meeting planning. 

Occasional Visitor

Awesome feature. This is what I was waiting for.

New Contributor

Planner integration and working with flagged mails directly from To-Do is one of the most awesome additions to Office 365 for a long while. I know many incredible back-end changes has happened, but from a users perspective this really makes me more productive and gives me the desired overview of my entire task pool.

Senior Member

Do you have any plans to allow this integration to be turned on for all users automatically via an admin page?

Occasional Contributor

Thinking about OL Tasks integration with OneNote? This is an awesome feature, you can tag as OL Task in the meeting minutes and go from word to action. How will this be effected by OL Tasks --> To-Do? 

Occasional Contributor

Amazing work everyone, huge benefit!

Established Member

Well done.  I was irrationally excited when I loaded up To-Do in the morning and saw this connector had gone live.  We use Planner in many of the Teams teams I'm on, and I was already pumped that flagged emails were flowing through to To-Do for the last few weeks.  Now the only thing I'm missing is getting action items in OneNote to flow through to To-Do.  At that point To-Do is the one task app to rule them all.  Technically I can use outlook flags in OneNote instead of it's default "to do" box, but that feature isn't available on the UWP version, and I've been trying to wean myself off of OneNote 2016. 

Really nice and one of the most expected feature. But if a person works in multiple teams of course with multiple plans he may get all tasks in bulk at one collection. Having many tasks in single place/catagory with label plan details but this may lead to confusions if multiple tasks assigned. It would be really nice if MS can create new category in TODO for each plan. So that user can easily identify the task and move them in to my day lisr

Very nice improvement, really starting to make To-Do my primary Day Planner!

Only thing I noticed is that the Planner To-Do integration does not seem to cross Organizations, where I am a guest and Planner Tasks are assigned to me.

If that worked, that would make this integration complete.

I also like the idea of the Planner Tasks indicating or grouping by the source Team.

I also like the idea of OneNote Tasks feeding into To-Do.


Occasional Visitor

Excelente trabajo, esto nos hace sentir escuchados y que MS trabaja en pro de la mejora continua basada en la innovación entre sus aplicativos. Gracias!!