New Planner features: schedule view, group and filter, due date notifications, and iCalendar format

The Planner team is excited to announce four new features to help you prioritize, plan ahead, and meet deadlines! You can read more about them on our Office Blog.


For documentation about these new features, please reference our support pages: 

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Great to see Planner advances!
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Fantastic, great tool. Looking forward to future updates


Keep up the great work improving Planner! So glad to see movement forward in improving the product.

Really awesome new features I have already tested in my tenants. A couple of questions here:

  • When will these features also available in Teams?
  • When will guest users support be added to Teams?
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Nice feature upgrade!


One question: in the schedule view, the locale seems to be hardcoded?

The UI is translated in Dutch except for the name of the days/months and the first day of the week is Sunday instead of Monday.


planner locale.png


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Please also add a Schedule view and an iCal Feed for "My Tasks" - https://tasks.office.com/domain.com/en-US/Home/Planner/#/mytasks

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How can I see the Planner Task in my outlook 365?

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>How can I see the Planner Task in my outlook 365?


per the article.... "coming soon"

Lots of really nice improvements

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Great features! Under 'Schedule' can I also request to add 'year' view and custom date range as well please? Thanks