Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of Planner notifications in Microsoft Teams. These notifications ensure you won’t have to leave Teams to stay on top of your work. We’ve heard you’re feedback about using the Planner tab in Teams, which is the hub for teamwork in Office 365, and we’re excited to power up the Planner-in-Teams experience with notifications.   

Starting today, if you’re an Office 365 Enterprise or Office 365 Education customer, you’ll receive Teams notifications whenever you’re assigned a Planner task (so long as that Planner plan has a tab in Teams). 

Your assignment notifications will appear in your Teams Activity feed and the Teams Chat pane and contain the following details: 

  • Task title 
  • Who assigned the task to you 
  • Which plan the task belongs to
  • Link to open the task details in Teams  

You’ll receive Teams notifications no matter where your task is assigned from, whether that’s the Planner mobile appPlanner on the web (tasks.office.com)or our SharePoint web part.



Teams notifications appear in your Activity feed… 



and in the Teams Chat pane. 


Teams notifications are not replacing Planner’s existing mobile push and email notifications. Youll continue to receive both in addition to the notifications in Teams.  

You should start receiving these notifications automatically, but if you’re not, you can enable them manually by going to the Planner web app, selecting “Settings,” and then “Notifications” under “Planner settings.” Check the “Someone assigns as task to me” box if it isn’t already selected, and you’re set. Remember, you’ll need to have your plan as a Planner tab in Teams to receive Teams notifications for it. 

You can read our support article for more information about Teams notifications for Planner assignments. The article also provides details for turning off these notifications. 

We always love hearing your feedback on new features. Leave us a comment below about your experience with this feature and other notifications you want to receive from Planner in Teams. You can also engage with fellow Planner users at our Tech Community page and help us decide what features to build next by voting on our UserVoice site. 


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While this is a step forward, it is still not useful to us. We use Planner to create tasks, which are then selected by members, who "hang out" in a Teams General chat. We currently have a Flow built to create a notification that a Planner card has been created, which alerts members that there is a task up for grabs. Have been hoping to replace this workflow with something more native, but having to assign a task to get it to show up in Teams doesn't work for us. Any chance that this could be amended, ie: a notification in Teams that "A new Planner card xxx was created, assigned to xxx/not assigned" or something similar, to allow for our workflow?

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Great feature. Love the integration with To Do too

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I'm not seeing the behavior above.   Is this still rolling out?   Notifications are set properly.  

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@Joanna Parkhurst 


I agree, it is a step in the right direction, but what we really need is a banner / activy feed notification within Teams for when someone adds to the conversation on the task card. I understand we currently get emails but the idea is to avoid emails.


The best combo would be that people assigned to the card get banner / activity feed notifications and people who comment on the card but are not on it get emails with added convo.


@Joanna Parkhurst And @Charles3393 really like that. Please make it possible to have the Planner task conversation within teams also. Or at least have a choice to where conversation should be. Best thing would to have it ”mirrored”. I.e it doesn’t matter where I comment, the comment will be visible everywhere. Then a plan with a “planner only user” can also be used with a “Teams only” user. If you get my drift...

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Hi, this new functionality doesn't appear to be working. My understanding is that we a Office365 E3 licence,  I'm not an Office365 administrator, does anything need to be enabled by an administrator?  Thks

@darrensmith It's rolling out so expect it soon in your tenant. Admins don't need to do anything.

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Nice enhancement.  I would like to see an option for planner in OneNote similar to the Outlook Task option. Looking for integration that shows when a task is assigned to someone in OneNote and the person assigned completes the task it updates OneNote. I currently use Outlook Task feature in OneNote to assign task right from Meeting Notes and can track progress from one location. Would also be nice to have a link that points back to the task in planner to view notes.


When is the rollout planned for Office 365 Business users? Thx.

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This is a great step in the right direction but as others have commented already, adding the ability for conversations within tasks to behave the same way as conversations on documents in teams would significantly increase productivity.  Notify task owners whenever someone comments on the task in teams.  All conversations on a particular task can then be kept with the task but still be alerted to people assigned to that task.  This keeps everything nice and tidy.

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Upvote for O365 Business

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Great to see this rolled out! As others have said, we hope there's more integration with Planner comments and Teams to come.

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Hi there,

it's almost August and the feature is not available on o365 E3 - why?



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This feature basically stopped working for our organization as of 7/10. Has there been a change?

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The feature isn't working and email task notifications have stopped.  What has happened.... and yes, we have thoroughly checked the notification settings, user and plan owner.




It would be REALLY nice to have a connector working kind off the one for Trello. I.e being able to have planner tasks visible within a channel and have the dialogue there also.

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@Nicolle Brice I can only support what you said. we are also missing the notification e-mails for newly assigned tasks. So our users are often not aware they have new tasks assigned to them. What exactly has happened and what can we do to change that?


Our settings have all the right tick marks so not sure what else to do. 



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@Joanna Parkhurst , I'm not seeing this and I have a Planner created from a Team and the proper notifications are on and it is a tab in the Team.  Hope it comes out soon as it is 3 months after roll out and I assume the roll out would be complete by now.  Thanks!


@Alejandro Araujo Rajzner Are there any news on this? I get the ”Planner bot” to notify me but I would really like a connector more like the one for Trello. I.e being able to connect a channel (if you add a tab with planner it should auto connect) to a planner board. Also being able to discuss, comment, and take actions natively within/from the channel.


Pls advise!


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Love these changes. The weird thing was we got these Planner notifications to our Teams, but then they stopped appearing. Now they don't show up at all. 

@Joanna Parkhurst would you please comment on @Nicklas Lundqvist topic about a native Planner connector in Teams? Do we have anything in the Roadmap? If so, can we share anything?

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Try this.... we unchecked a setting, saved, and then rechecked it and the planner notifications in Teams started again.  Might be a fluke because we tried other stuff, but worth a shot if MS fixed a bug, but you have to fix it on your version of the application.


Go to Planner web app, selecting “Settings,” and then “Notifications” - Three dots ...





Let us know if this works for you please!


Hey all - thanks for sharing that you're having issues. We are seeing reports of inconsistent behavior for the Planner bot and are investigating a cause. If you are having issues, the more information you can provide the better! (ie. When they stopped, what plans they do/don't work for, etc.)

Thanks again for your patience,



@Joanna Parkhurst For us (me) it appears to work fine. Although I would like a connector to plans also. With something like (or better) than Trello have.


It’s nice to be able to check out the bot, but - that’s more like “all planned cards”. I would like to have it within the channel that “houses” the plan. See my previous post from Aug 6th 2019.

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so I do not get any notifications in Teams...And I checked already all notification settings serveral times. All right there...But still no notifications....


Any ideas?


@Lisa Larkin , in my case I unchecked/checked the notification box, and remove/add the Planner tab in Teams several times. Still can't get any notification anywhere in Teams. Haven't even seen Planner Bot appear once.


BTW, my license is O365 E1, suppose the feature should be available. 


Well, after several tests, I realised it might because I've been testing assigning tasks to myself. Had another colleague to assign the task to me, then I received the Bot message in both Chat and Activity feed. :cryingwithlaughter:


It to some extent makes sense that you needn't notification if the assignment's made by yourself, as you should be well aware of it.