Introducing the new calendar event card. With just one click, vieevent details and take quick action when neededNow you can quickly respond to an invitation, join a meeting or even get more information about the organizer though the new event card. 


Previously, you needed to double click on an event to respond to an invitation or join an online meeting then use the command ribbon to take action.  The process and streamlined design is now simplified and saves time. 




Just click a calendar event to access the details and instantly respond if necessary 


 Edit RSVP.png

Edit your response anytime  


 Join Online.png

Join an online meeting with a single click 




…And as a bonus - you can check the organizer's contact card directly from the Event Card. 


Contact card.png

 Click the contact photo to view new contact card 



The new calendar event card is available in  Insider Fast  starting inversion 16.11 (180220)  and requires activation via  Office 365 subscription. 


We would love to hear from you as we make improvements in Insider Fast, so please provide feedback and report issues via  Help > Contact Support. If you would like to see other enhancements in Outlook for Mac, please vote for your feature request via  Help > Suggest a Feature. 


Occasional Visitor

I am very interested in the new calendar event card. I have the latest Outlook for Mac installed (16.12 (180226)) but the new feature doesn't seem to be there. I see where it says "requires activation via  Office 365 subscription". How do I activate this feature?


As to additional features, I would really like a daily view of my calendar added to the inbox view like my Windows counterparts have for their Outlook versions.


Thanks, Mike Lewis

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I have the same question as Mike. When I look at the "About Outlook" screen it states "License: Retail License". This product was installed before we got Office 365. Can I change from Retail License to Office 365 subscription without having to uninstall and re-install?


Here are the steps on removing your existing License:
1. Make sure to quit Outlook and all other Office 365 applications.
2. Go to https://github.com/pbowden-msft/Unlicense
3. Click “Download or clone” button on the upper middle right part.
4. Click “Download” ZIP and make sure to save the file to “Downloads” folder.
5. Double click “Unlicense-master.zip” to extract it.
6. Open “Terminal” App
7. Enter: cd Downloads/Unlicense-master
8. Enter: ./Unlicense --All
9. Wait for the confirmation that it has been successfully deactivated/removed then open Outlook app and login your office 365 account to activate it.

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Awesome! Using the tool is even better :)