New Outlook updates enable you to customize your experience and help you stay focused and organized

We’re obsessed about making things better for the millions of people who use Outlook every day and continue to advance how we introduce updates to the experience and help customers adopt change.


Last fall, we launched a beta program with Outlook.com to provide a preview of the web experience updates and an easy way to switch between the new and classic web experiences at any time.  More than 10% of our users tried it out and two thirds kept it on through to the general availability launch and we received a ton of great feedback through that program that helped us understand how to deliver the right experience to you.


Today we’re pleased to announce “Coming Soon” in Outlook for Windows and an opt-in toggle in Outlook on the web that puts you in control of when you try major updates.  These new features allow you to explore updates, return to the classic experience at any time, and continue to provide us with feedback. 


In June, we announced Office 365 user experience updates . We are now ready to start rolling out these changes in Outlook for Windows and Outlook on the web using the Coming Soon and opt-in toggle features. Building on the same guiding principles, our goal is to give you control, allowing you to try a new experience when it’s convenient, customize how you get things done, as well as surface options that are relevant and in context to how you work, all to help you get things done, faster.



Highlights of the changes coming to Outlook for Windows


Our approach is designed to help you:  


  • Customize your experience – As a productivity powerhouse, Outlook comes loaded with many features, but we’ve learned that most of you don’t always need them all, all the time. We are giving you options to make the Outlook experience your own with the ability to simplify the ribbon, personalize your inbox, and apply additional themes.
  • Get things done faster – The updates make reading, composing, and taking action in emails and meetings faster. A more responsive web development framework and a modern design lets you see, read and respond to emails and meeting invitations, and attach files quicker.
  • Stay organized – Intelligent technology, highlights, special icons and visual changes provide a modern calendar view to help you focus on your day and week, speeds up the process of creating and sending meeting requests, and help manage your time.

These updates are coming first to customers in the Monthly Channel (Targeted) and Targeted Release program in the next few weeks.  For more details about updates to Outlook on the web, go here.  And for additional insight into the Outlook for Windows updates, go here.


We are looking forward to you trying the updates and giving us feedback!

Thank you!


The Outlook team  

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So, Monthly targeted gets it in a few weeks and everyone else... when? I've been waiting for the new look for weeks now, seems i will have to wait for months more then :)

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Let's see if I understood right: "Outlook on the web" and "Outlook.com" are completely different things, right? Actually, I would not be surprised if "Outlook on the web" had nothing to with the Web altogether. (No offense guys, but Microsoft's gaffes in choosing names has long become one of its identifying features.)

In a way, it is somehow funny that Microsoft has not consolidated its four Outlook flavors into one unified app (with premium features in the form of in-app purchases) but is already doing so with OneNote.

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Yes, Outlook on the web is different from Outlook.com (also referred as OWA - Outlook Web Access). It is for the web (works in a browser). This redesign will bring two closer.

Where is the sort by subject function? 


If it's gone in the new layout it's the biggest mistake so far. I use this feature in the current layout 90% of the time and is the biggest time saving option for my work! 


I can't believe that this feature has been (re)moved? 


Please tell me how to use the order by subject filter on the new outlook layout. 


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I'm on Monthly Channel 1809.  I had the updated icons show up randomly after updating, but don't see a "Coming Soon" button.  Not sure what is happening.

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Same here. Received updated icons and ribbon tabs (not just in Outlook, but also in Word, Excel). No coming soon in Outlook or OWA. 


@Oleg K and @Joe McGowan The Outlook for Windows user experience has now rolled out to 100% of the Monthly Channel Targeted customers with the updates coming to the rest of the Monthly Channel customers in the coming weeks.  Some customers in our Monthly Channel Targeted program received the Office icons before the Coming Soon feature with the user experience updates. 


@Jordan van Bergen The sort by Subject is still an option for sorting the Message List. If you click on the down arrow hash mark next to the By Date you should see Subject under the Arrange By list. 

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We are in the Monthly channel (not targeted) and many our users received updated icons and tabs in Outlook last week already. On my personal work PC it also updated icons in Word and Excel. Although in Access only tabs has new underline UI and animation, but icons are old. Our users don't have one row ribbon nor coming soon is showed. Not sure what happened on my PC. Probably a result of having a lot of installs and reinstalls testing various issues and also using older versions of Visio and also having Office 2013 on this PC at some point. Then again, all our users were migrated from 2013 to Office 365 at some point. 

@Eugenie Burrage Thanks for the reply about sort by subject but I don't get the explanation. I just do the following:



I don't see the sort by subject. So I don't see Subject under the Sort by list. If you can show me on how to get sort by subject under the Arrange by List I would immediately change to the new layout but currently this keeps me from switching. 

Download attachment in an e-mail (jpg image) got me this error message: 

{"Body":{"ErrorCode":500,"ExceptionName":"StorageTransientException","FaultMessage":"The process failed to get the correct properties.","IsTransient":true,"ResponseCode":"ErrorInternalServerError"}}

After this error https://outlook.office.com doesn't work anymore and I can't switch back to the old layout. 


Something went wrong
A problem occurred while you were trying to use your mailbox 


cId: 3CC0142749CB45138BD42F00EB2E9D3B
app: Mail
st: 500
reqid: 39438e86-5375-4403-9143-7ffe082f4b5d
wsver: null
efe: DB6PR0801CA0059
ebe: DB6PR0801MB1957
et: ServerError
esrc: SessionData
err: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.StoreObjects.StorageTransientException
estack: Microsoft.Mapi.MapiExceptionRpcServerTooBusy
ts: 10/9/2018 6:50:06 AM


I can't access my e-mail any longer. Please provide a link on how to get to my online webmail again? I have no access to my e-mail any longer after the above error message. Tried a different browser with incognito mode and several things. Nothing is working. 


Please provide a link on how to get to the old outlook layout again. 


UPDATE: I am able to login again after waiting 20 minutes. I would like to know if you can use an URL to switch between current and beta outlook.com?

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Why I cannot find my sent emails in outlook.com application? 

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Why can't I edit the subject of a message in the Outlook client? I've double-clicked the message to open in its own window and clicked on Actions...Edit Message.  The message subject says (no subject).  I've highlighted the text and tried to type over it, but get the error click sounds from the pc.  I've even highlighted the (no subject) and tried to delete it and same thing.  These messages are scans that come from a scanner and it is much easier to modify the subject at the pc instead of trying to do it at the scanner.  It worked fine up until the "Coming Soon" version.  I can turn "Coming Soon" off and it works.





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I have the same issue that Jeff G is having with regards to changing the subject line. It is imperative that I have the capability to do so with the work that I do. I have several clients and in order to keep them straight, I generally put their acronym in front of the regular subject. It helps me to sort e-mails at a later time, assuming I'm in meetings and getting several e-mails during that time.

It's quite disappointing, as I love the new look. I dislike having to switch back and forth between "Coming Soon," and the traditional version of Outlook. Is the Microsoft Team aware of the issue, and working on a fix for this? Alternatively, is there a workaround that someone could teach us to help in the interim?



I'm also in Monthly channel not targeted and received this update.

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You can still edit the subject line of a message, although not directly from within the message.  Within the "Current View" menu, select, "View Setting," then, "Other Setting," choose thr "Allow in-cell editing" option and now you may edit the message subject from within the inbox folder view.  I also disable the gridlines which otherwise I find annoying since it will appear like a spreadsheet.


When you do this and then select the message you will find that the subject line has been saved as modified.


Please note that CONSERVATION VIEW must be disabled for this to work.



Options.JPGIn-cell editing option second from top.



On my desktop, I get the "Coming Soon" button, but on my laptop, I can not get it. Both devices are updated. Any way to turn this on?


Also not seeing the "Coming Soon" button in Outlook desktop.  I'm on version 1810 Monthly Channel.


Update:  Some other users in our tenant do see the Coming Soon button.  So it looks like this feature is trickling out.


@Eugenie Burrage @The Outlook Team

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How do we send feedback? 


Note to self, re: Outbox

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OK I got the new version and I hate it...how do I go back? When messages come in theya re way too big and putting the reply on the right is really silly. I need help to turn it back please!!! The amount of emails for 5 incoming new messages takes up the room of 20 in the new one
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I think for that, @srice, you can view as conversations. That should clean it up a bit. That's what I do. 




Easiest way is going to the "Tell me what you want to do" search box. I use that for everything...