Editor's note: List of features updated on 1/18/19


Currently unsupported (Coming soon)
S/MIME - Reading pane and Compose 
Enterprise chat
Delivery receipts
Voting buttons
Flag date range support
Notification panel

Propose new time from meeting invite

Email reminder

Reminder to turn off out of office notification

Add and edit birthday calendar

Change weather location settings

Publish calendar settings

Files module
Limited support:
Admin policies via Set-OWAMailboxPolicy
Shared folders
Newly available (Since September 2018)
Open shared mailbox
Undo Send
Folder retention policies



Split view

Add someone else’s calendar


Multiple online meeting provider support

Duplicate events

Conference room search

Change event time zone


End of edit. 


On September 10th, when Targeted Release customers can opt-in to the early version of the new Outlook on the web, there will be some features that won't be available yet in that early version of the new experience.

If you need to use a feature that is not yet available you can opt-out of the early version and opt-in again later, as often as you want.


See below for features not yet available on September 10th.


1. Reading Pane and Mail Compose 

  • No chat or call functionality integrated in your inbox
  • Edit "Send From" address 
  • Policy tips - Policies will be respected and actioned but users will not see prevention tips.  

2. Folders and Message List 

  • Shared Folders - No ability to share individual folders across mailboxes. 
  • Folder retention policies - No support for administrators being able to set how long emails are retained in certain folders. Ex: Changing how long emails stay in Junk email before being automatically deleted 


1. Forms 

  • Not able to add or remove time zones. 
  • No Mailtips available in Calendar while reading/composing
  • No ability to propose a new time from the meeting invite 
  • No email reminders 

2. Calendar Surface: 

  • No ability to open calendars from organization's directory (in classic experience known as: to add a calendar "From directory")
  • Public folders - No suppport to create a calendar in a public folder or manage/share it
  • No out of office (OOF) toast message that shows up in the form, if at least one of the attendees that you are trying to schedule for is OOF
  • No ability to publish calendars to an HTML link (that others can view) or an .ics endpoint (that others can subscribe to).
  • Weather settings - no ability to set your weather location(s)
  • No support for printing calendars  


  • No keyboard shortcuts + accessibility 


  • Public Folders – ability for multiple people in the company to access a given folder is not yet supported

We are working to bring these features soon but you can always use them by opting out of the early version of the new Outlook on the web.

Please, give us feedback and help us prioritize our work through our UserVoice channel.






Um, that's a very big list of features, some of which are quite important. Perhaps you can post some timeframes as to when can we expect them to appear?

That is really a huge list. We will most likely skip this on our production tenant.


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We certainly appreciate knowing our limits, maybe we could see a list of why we would opt-in?


Update: In reviewing this with our desktop team, it was pointed out to me that I missed the link to the "Good Stuff."
Here it is for reference: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Outlook-Blog/Designed-to-be-fast-The-Outlook-on-the-web-user-...


I already have users who were not happy with the existing limitations of OWA, so to consider opting-in would be unpopular.


The focus should be on adding functionality found in the client version that is absent in OWA.

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No keyboard shortcuts??

New Contributor

This is really a Beta release (early beta). You should not even bother people with opt-in and should not be released.

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Considering the size and scope of Outlook web app and this being a beta, the list is short and dose not include any show stoppers, a few tips or shared folders missing won't let most everyone still be able to send email easy enough. Not to mention your not forced to use it. If your users need training and hand holding to do email, then by all means disable the option to use the beta, but if your users are like mine (engineers and software developers) some of them may want to try something new.

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Exactly what others said. You constantly remove features which are needed and call it innovation. Please stop doing that and add back all the features which where missing in Outlook for web in the first place. Then please add support for Shared Mailboxes in mobile applications and only THEN design a new user interface or experience.

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The interface of this early version is much improved over the current Outlook on the web and we appreciate the work that's being done on improving the OWA experience for end users. Giving us the ability to opt in early to provide feedback while features are still being worked on through enabling this to Targeted Release customer is in my opinion a smart move. I know we have users in our environment, who are willing to work with that. That said, I'm in favor of not releasing this version to GA until the features currently available in OWA are included in this early version of the new Outlook on the web. Having to toggle back and forth between the new version and the current version when you find features you're used to suddenly missing is less of a stellar experience.


Some of the features missing in this early version but not listed above are:

  • the ability to open another mailbox to which you have full access (e.g., shared mailboxes)
  • being able to respond to a voting request
  • 'mark as phishing' (the control appears to be available in the settings, but not actually in a message)

At any rate, keep up the good work!

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I'm confused?  Is this OWA? Or is it Outlook via Office 365?  IS there even a difference?  When I think of OWA I think of old Exchange and OWA.  Enlighten me,

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Outlook on the web is OWA for Office 365.

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I have an O365 Business Premium Subscription with Targeted release enabled for ALL users. I do not see the Opt-In toggle. How doI go about enabling this?

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I cannot figure out how to open a shared mailbox with the new Outlook web mail client. It seems the feature does not exist. Yet? Will it be restored? When? I have reverted to the old interface.

I see the new inbox, but when I click on calendar, I see the old outlook calendar experience in outlook on the web.  Any ideas why that might be?


EDIT:  I see the modern webmail calendar now.  It is very snappy.  Great work Outlook team. :)

And it seems like we should add support for custom themes to that list: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Outlook/Custom-theme-and-new-Outlook-on-the-Web-experience/m-...

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  1. Open another Mailbox - this is a must since many people manage several mailboxes
  2. Reply all by Meeting in an email

Would be nice:

  1. Gray mode would be nice, Dark Mode is a little too dark
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UserVoiceChannel gives error:


Error 520 Ray ID: 45dd94e4ebde9997 • 2018-09-21 15:31:56 UTC
Web server is returning an unknown error


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How about open another mailbox? is it going to be on new outlook on the web?

I don't see the [sort by subject] filter on the list. Is this available in the new layout? I couldn't find it when I switched. Really need this feature. 


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I was curious to try the files view, but that icon doesn't appear for me. I'm guessing it's still in the oven. 


Like others have already mentioned, I use the Open Another Mailbox feature a lot, so I can't use this preview as my default. Otherwise, it looks really nice! 


Looking forward to desktop Outlook getting a similar treatment, whether anyone else is or not. :-)

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It is possible that I'm just not seeing it but it seems that new calendar entries are missing the ability to "Add Skype Meeting". I'm loving the new interface in general but that is a show stopper for me so I'll need to turn it off.

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Open other mailbox, its a must!
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Total integration with Groups: 


  • Can't save files directly to Groups (I imagine you can FW them but then you would have to go to the group and classify it in the right folder --> not a good time-saving process!) 
  • Can't attach files from Groups.  (Previous version had this functionality!)

The above is extremely important to my organization as we have built all our project architecture under the Groups Umbrella and this new version is forcing us to go back to work to Outlook for Desktop which is not ideal. 

Hey everyone - Thanks for the feedback and comments. 

Let me try to address some of those.


1. Here is a work-around to opening another mailbox that was suggested by a user and it works for most:

One workaround for the missing "Open another mailbox" option in the new web Outlook is:

  • Right-click on the ">  Folders" line
  • chose "Add Shared Folder"

This gives you an experience kind of like the "open these additional mailboxes" advanced account setting in desktop Outlook.


2. I would recommend that you watch the Ignite session of the new Outlook on the web. We know there are some gaps, and hence why it is only in Targeted Release with an opt-in option. The plan is to stay in TR until we have full parity and then go to Standard Release as opt-in.


3. We've been having some reports on keyboard shortcuts bugs. Please, report them in UserVoice or in-app.


4. Skype/online meetings is a gap and will be coming in the next couple of months.


I hope this helps a little, but please, let me know if you have any other questions.


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My question is, what is wrong with the interface of current version of Outlook for web and why do you try to reinvent the wheels?

Fabian - Could you please give me more details and the steps so we can reproduce on our side?


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Below a picture of what you see when you are writing a new message from the old OWA and hit --> Attach --> Cloud Locations.  As you can see you can select from Onedrive or Groups. 



When you do it in the new OWA, you only get the OneDrive option. See below: 




On the download side, both new and old OWA only allow saving to OneDrive.  It should also enable saving to Groups. 


Download OWA.PNG


Hope this helps! 


@Gabriel Valdez Malpartida opening as "another mailbox" via the "add shared folders" menu is very different from opening as "another account", which is currently missing. For example, if I want to access the Archive mailbox in any shared or user mailbox I have access to, "add shared folders" is of no use.


Also, what about accessing the GAL or any Address Lists? They are nowhere to be found on the People tab.

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A big "missing" for me is the DIRECTORY listing under Contacts.  This is where I go for the company phone numbers.

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The share feedback link on returning to current version doesn't work!!

 Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.32.42 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.34.25 pm.pngScreen Shot 2018-10-14 at 3.34.20 pm.png

Ok, so I have tried out the new interface and here are my comments:


Before I begin I have to admit that I like the overall feel and changes.


Cursor does not land on To for a new message (not like)

  • If you create a new message or reply or forward etc regardless of clicking on New or Reply or using the short-cut keys, the cursor should land on the To field, but it does not.
  • The current outlook does land on the To field.

No way to upload a doc to a Group (not like)

  • Click on a group.
  • Click on Files menu
  • You can see the existing files, but there is no upload button
  • Would love to be able to create a folder and upload files to it for a Group without going to MS Teams.

Launching Calendar opens a new Tab (not like)

  • Click on Calendar icon from the 4 below icons in the the bottom margin
  • This opens a tab for the calendar app
  • Do not know if this is by design, it just opens up another tab but I can still click on Mail icon and so now I will have two Mail tabs.
  • Just trying to limit tab/window clutter
  • Existing outlook keeps one tab as you click on Mail Calendar People Tasks.

Encrypt menu item is handy (like)

  • Encryption of email is becoming a big thing especially in healthcare
  • Great to see simplicity from a send/recipient point of view.

Will comment more as I test more



No Notifications on next meetings or Email Likes

  • In the current OWA you had the bell icon at the top right show you upcoming meetings and also any emails people liked
  • In the new system, I cannot see that anywhere.

I realize that these features do not exist in the current OWA, but if we are going to replace this with the new and improved version, then I will need to compare it to the Client version. Thanks.


Adding on another Signature for replies vs new emails

  • In the client version, you could set two Signatures eg one for new emails and one for replies.
  • With OWA you can only set one, this is important when you want to follow an email with back and forth replies and the signature just gets in the way.

Changing Subject Line

  • Client version allows you to change the subject line.
  • Very often users send emails with misleading or obscure subject lines.
  • It would be very useful to be able to change this to add proper meaning.

Delay or Schedule message Deliver

  • Client version allows users to delay email sending.
  • This allows users to complete the task of sending an email (eg before they go off on vacation)
  • But they don't want to send it right away because of email competition in everyone's inbox.
  • Instead they can delay so that the email when received is timed to the content of the email.
  • Users used this function when they sent emails to clients. They miss it and we needed to install an unsupported add-on

Hyperlinks to network drives

  • Client version allows you to copy paste a document path such as H:\company\HR\important.docx and it is clickable
  • With OWA, you can certainly paste the link, but when you try to click it nothing happens ever if you are on the network.
  • This is has been a real sore point for our users.
  • Yes, it has motivated us to look at SharePoint or Groups, but that does not happen overnight.


Referring to email message when you compose a message

  • Client version allows to save a message + its attachments as .msg and add it as an attachment in a message you are composing.
  • We have tried to print a message, save as .pdf and attach that .pdf to the new message.
  • This works sometimes, but we get odd results if the original message has attachments. since it comes out as hyperlinks in the .pdf.
  • It would be ok to refer to the original message as a hyperlink, but of course there is a security component that needs to be addressed.


Scheduling Assistant Layout (like)

  • Great that you have made the scheduling assistant work the way the Client works.
  • The current OWA is a bit confusing, but it makes much more sense to layout the grid where the resources (human, rooms, etc) are shown vertically and the days show horizontally.
  • Users will love to go back to this.

I want to say well done on Groups where you can now Upload files and folders AND you can Create New files and folders. This is fantastic as we no longer have to always go to MS Teams, but can remain in the OWA interface. Users are going to love this feature!



Occasional Contributor

@Gabriel Valdez Malpartida do I understand correctly that Skype IM is coming?

Occasional Contributor

There is possibility to drop an email from my Inbox into O365 Group's inbox, but what lacks is the possibility to do it in reverse direction as well. That is missing.

Occasional Visitor

After 'strange' things were happening to my internet connections, I decided to 'bite the  bullet' and reformat my Windows 10 computer.

After loading Outlook 365, I am having trouble finding how to get the emails in Favorites. to show how many new messages are in the relevant inboxes.

This was happening in my previous installation where a number would appear in Favorites for the email's address.

Hoping someone can help

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Hi I’m excited as i use apple tablet and on the road and the apple mail app is limited as i work for a number of companies and have different email accounts and need them all in one place. So want to see how outlook web app will work. 

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I see that "Open shared mailbox" is now available in the new OWA, however, it does not work very well: In the old OWA, typing a name in the "Open another mailbox" search box starts displaying names from the GAL that match what you type and you can select the mailbox you want to open. In the new OWA, it doesn't display anything. In fact, if you type the display name of the mailbox or its Exchange alias, it constructs a URL from that, then redirects to your own mailbox and opens that in another window since the URL doesn't point to a valid object. Opening the other mailbox only works if you type the full email address of the other mailbox into the search box.

Expected behavior would be that as you type a name, you see suggestions from the GAL and can select the mailbox you want to open.

hi @Seb143 - Thanks for your comment! I would recommend using the Outlook mobile for your iPad, as the tablet version of Outlook on the web won't be having the upgrade yet.


Hi @Kreera House - Thanks for your feedback! We are aware of the GAL resolving the name issue and working on it, we expect to have it fixed in the next couple of weeks. Hope that other than that you are enjoying the new Outlook on the web.



New Contributor

Will Group calendars be supported, which are available by a distribution group list? (a Group of users managed by a distribution list, for example a Team - to add to the calendar to check the availability of each member by adding the Group and viewing all the calendars.)


This would be a great feature.


Best regrads,


It seems like the Supervision add-in doesn't work in the new OWA experience, can you please take a look at that.

Regular Visitor



What is the expected date for the rest of the functionalities in new OWA?


Currently unsupported (Coming soon)
S/MIME - Reading pane and Compose
Enterprise chat
Delivery receipts
Voting buttons
Flag date range support
Notification panel

Propose new time from meeting invite

Email reminder

Reminder to turn off out of office notification

Add and edit birthday calendar

Change weather location settings

Publish calendar settings

Limited support:
Admin policies via Set-OWAMailboxPolicy
Shared folders

Occasional Visitor

I would really like to be able to "Categorize" meeting events in the small "Quick Schedule" pane that you now have.  Is that on the roadmap? 

Occasional Visitor

Are we going to have the skype icon to chat inside the new OWA design?.  Is that what it refers to Enterprise Chat under the list of coming soon features?



Occasional Visitor

Any indication of when public folder calendars might be available would be useful. Is it definitely going to happen? We use them a lot and not having them available would be a problem. Thanks

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I don't see it in any of the aforementioned lists, but "Resource scheduling" (rooms) is also missing from the new OWA. Like the new design, but it looks and feels more like a consumer upgrade and lacks significant business functionality. Hoping for improvements soon.
Frequent Contributor

Still waiting for the GAL to show up in PEOPLE.  Unless there is a new place for this and I missed it.  


New Contributor
I'm surprised that the ability for users to manage membership of DL's that they own is not on this list of missing features. This was one of the first things that we noticed.