Insider Fast: Outlook for Mac now supports sending items to OneNote!

With the release of 16.7 (171029), we are finally addressing one of the top requested features in our UserVoice site - Mac users are getting the ability to send their emails and meetings to OneNote! The Send to OneNote button allows you to select any notebook/section across all your accounts, allowing you to archive and access your Outlook content where and when you want it.


We are really excited to release this feature to our loyal fans in Insider Fast, and plan on rolling it out to everyone soon.


Importantly, this feature will be available to Office 365 subscribers only.


How do I use this feature?

  1. When viewing an email or meeting, click on the OneNote icon in the ribbon to get started -

  2. Sign in to OneNote using your work or Microsoft account or select the account you would like to use -
  3. Select the notebook and section you want to send your Outlook item to -
    (NOTE: you can also change the account that you would like to send to in this dialog)
  4. And voila! Your item has now been sent to OneNote. You can use the link in this dialog to open it up in OneNote.

Known Issues

  • The sent date may not respect your current time zone
  • Plain text emails may have missing / malformed characters
  • Sending an email or meeting to a password protected section is not currently supported
  • ‘To’ and ‘From’ email addresses in the page header may include a leading ‘<’ character

Problems or Suggestions?

We value your feedback, if you have any issues or bugs to report, please do so by contacting our in-app support (Help > Contact Support)


If you would like to see enhancements and additions to this feature, (or Mac Outlook as a whole), please vote for the idea on our UserVoice site (Help > Suggest a Feature)

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Great job guys - working well!

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I'm a 365 subscriber, and I just switched to the fast track release specifically for this feature, but I'm not seeing the new button.  Is there anything special I need to do to enable it?



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I have the same issue of not seeing the new OneNote button.  I subscribe to Office 365 Home.


---> now I see it after rebooting, half way along the Home ribbon.  Looks good!

I still don't see it even after rebooting.  Could it be conflicting with either WebEx integration or the Wunderlist addon?

I see the feature, but when I want to send a meeting to OneNote to create meeting notes I always get the error "Your meeting couldn't be sent. One or more of the meetings you selected might be damaged. Try again with a different selection." 

Done that, tried to create meetings notes from meetings I created as well as meetings sent from others. Does not work at all. I do not get any more information on the error.

OneNote is running, I am logged in and the notebooks are opened. 

All of a sudden, the new OneNote button is showing up for me in Outlook.  However, when I press it to send an email to OneNote I get the error: "Your email couldn't be sent.  We're sorry.  Please try again later."  I am not prompted for an account or a notebook.




@Benjamin Matten & @Peter von Kaenel, can you please open a ticket? When Outlook is open, please go to Help > Contact Support. We can better help you there.



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i'm using Outlook for Mac and downloaded the latest build, 16.8 (171101).  However, once downloaded and installed thru the Auto Updater, I'm still using the older version.  What am i missing here on how to now update to 16.8 (171101).   Thanks in advance for the insight... 


This is great news.  However, seeing the same problem as Benjamin, so will open a ticket.

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Am I missing something here? This is supposed to add functionality to send your Meeting Notes to OneNote, which is great, but according to my understanding the MacOS version of Outlook doesn't even have the Meeting Notes feature. What is the use case for this?

It should be available for sending both meetings and email to OneNote.  The part I'm having problems with is the second - I have no need to send meeting notes to OneNote.