Insider Fast: Outlook for Mac now supports creation of Office 365 Groups!

The Outlook & Groups team is hard at work to continuously bring new Office 365 group capabilities to Outlook for Mac. You can now create a group, starting with the 16.9 (171226) release! Groups in Outlook for Mac is only available to Office 365 subscribers.

The create group command can be found in the Outlook menu, under File > New > Group.

You can create a group in 3 easy steps:




Note that this feature respects the company policies set by your administrators. If you cannot find the create group command, then this capability might not be enabled for you. Please talk to your IT department for assistance.

We would love to hear from you, so please do provide feedback and report bugs, via Help > Contact Support. If you would like to see enhancements and additions to this feature, (or Mac Outlook as a whole), please vote for the idea on our UserVoice site (Help > Suggest a Feature)



Is this for any version of MS Outlook Mac, or just the O365 license? Many of us are using the Volume License from our company and to date the O365 Groups features haven't been made available there.


If not, is there a specific reason why these features aren't supported in the Volume license? I mean, the mail component works when connected to Office 365 - why aren't Groups?


Groups is currently not supported for volume license. At this point it is hard to give a concrete timeline on when it will get enabled for Outlook Mac client with volume license.

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Strangely not seeing this capability in Outlook build 16.10 (180102) and I do have the capability to create Groups, Office 365 E3 tenant