Visio Web Access will be discontinued on 30th September 2019

Beginning September 30th, 2019, Visio Web Access and its Web Part for SharePoint Online will no longer be available.

Visio Web Access (aka Visio Services) allows online viewing of Visio diagrams stored on SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premise.

  • Visio Services render Visio documents in a Web browser without having Visio or Visio viewer installed on a local computer
  • It supports embedding of Visio Web Access Web Part in SharePoint let you add diagrams to a SharePoint page.
    • Embedded Web Parts can be linked to data sources so that when data changes, the visuals (shapes, text, etc.) change too
    • Web Parts can also be driven programmatically using the JS API

Recommended Steps for Customers Using Visio Web Services on SharePoint Online

Microsoft recommends that customers start upgrading to Visio Online. Visio Online enables high fidelity viewing, sharing, and collaboration on the web browser full page without installing the client for all Office 365 licenses. It also supports embedding Visio diagrams in SPO by using File Viewer Web Part and iFrames along with JS API programmability.

In addition, Visio Online supports richer scenarios such as find, pan/zoom, and Power BI integrated dashboards among other things. Moving to Visio Online will enable you to take advantage of the latest product innovations and ensure latest performance and reliability improvements that come from Microsoft’s Visio team.

Migration Assistance

Post the end of support period:

  1. Visio files from SPO will continue to open in Visio Online, but the user will not be able to switch to Legacy Service
  2. If you were using the Visio Services Web Access for web page viewing, you will need to resave your .VDW files into the new file format .VSD/.VSDX
  3. If you were using Visio Web Access Web Part, you will have to migrate them Visio Online File Viewer Web Part to embed Visio documents in SPO
  4. If you were using Visio Services Web Access Web Parts with JS APIs, you will have to migrate them to iFrame with new JS APIs in Visio Online to stop them from working

For more information about this discontinuation and instructions related to switching to Visio Online, check out this blog.

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Occasional Visitor

This is a real disappointment.  While i support advancing the technology, visio online is not ready for prime time.  Just a couple of issues i've encountered with Visio Online thus far, which are not present in Visio Web Access:

  • There is an undocumented limit on the length of a externally linked data fields on shapes of 250 characters.  This results in the timeout of Refreshing External Data on the Visio Online Document. Visio Web Access has no such issue.
  • Linking of shapes between pages is very hit or miss in visio online.  Especially if the link is located in the template.