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Anne Michels
‎03-24-2017 03:28 AM

New employee quick start guide

‎03-24-2017 03:28 AM

When a new employee joins, it is important for the company to enable that employee to quickly onboard to their role. As part of the ramp up process, admins are often asked to help the end user understand and use the available software & tools including Office 365. The by walking them through the sign up process, the installation of apps, as well as common scenarios such as saving files to OneDrive. It is also a helpful resource for organizations that just deployed to Office 365 to use with all employees.

quick start guide.jpg

Yoav Rheims
Anne Michels

Thanks! That is it

Armand Salmon
Occasional Visitor

Thanks for this, it will be helpful for end users.

One thing I noticed is that when selecting the 'Install Office' link, the default version is 32-Bit.

In order to get the 64-Bit installation, we must select 'Other Installs




Then selecting the respective version needed (32-bit/64-bit)