New Yammer groups usage report and updated Office 365 groups report

We continue to update the usage reports in the Office 365 admin center to provide you with a complete picture of how your organization is using Office 365.

You'll start noticing the following enhancements over the coming weeks:


New Yammer groups activity report -  The new Yammer groups activity report will help you understand how your users engage in groups in Yammer to connect and collaborate across your organization.

In the graph at the top, you can see how many Yammer groups exist in your organization and how many of those are active - a Yammer group is counted as active if at least one message from it has been read, liked or posted.

In the table at the bottom, you can access detailed information broken down by group so you can understand

  • which groups are the most active
  • what kind of activity is happening in each group
  • what are your largest groups by type of activity

Yammer Groups.png


Updated Office 365 groups report - The existing Office 365 groups report will enhanced to include activities across Sharepoint sites and groups in Yammer associated with the Office 365 group.

For SharePoint, the report will include file activities performed by users in the group's SharePoint site, allowing you to see how many files are active across all groups - any file created, modified, deleted, shared internally or externally and synched to clients is counted as an active file.

For Yammer, the report will include message activity so you can see how many messages haven been posted, liked or read by users in groups in Yammer associated with the Office 365 group.

Groups report.png 

Please note: The updates will gradually be rolled out to customers in August. Thus, if you don't see the changes in your tenant yet, please check back in a few days. This rollout is excluded from Office 365 subscriptions in ITAR and German national Cloud.


Let us know what you think!

Try the new and updated reports in the Office 365 admin center and provide feedback using the feedback link in the lower right corner in the admin center. We read every piece of feedback that we receive to make sure the Office 365 reporting experience meets your needs.


Anne Michels, @Anne_Michels, senior product marketing manager for the Office 365 Marketing team



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This looks excellent. Fills an important gap in our reporting. Will the Power BI dashboard pick up any of this?


Hi Geoffrey, we're currently exploring to bring this data into a future version of the adoption content pack.



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thanks, this is really helpful. Customers I work for are generally interested in who's creating groups and whether the groups are active. If I understand correctly, we can now easily collect all group owners in Yammer to easily communicate with them? For example to invite them for a group owners Yammer inspiration session in how they can increase collaboration and knowledge sharing in their group.


Hi Marlon,

The group admin column shows the "earliest" group admin. In most cases, this will be the group creator. However, if the group creator left the group, then it will show the admin who joined the group next. If there are no admins for the group, then this will be blank. Also please note that this field shows a single admin only, not all of them. So it's a very good starting point for you to understand who are the group owners.




Hi Anne,


Thanks for sharing. this is really helpful.

Hi @Anne Michels. Yammer message activity features in it's own report and in the Office 365 Groups usage report. 

Just to clarify,

  • Will the Yammer usage report show activity for both regular Yammer groups and Yammer connected Office 365 Groups? Or will it just show activity for regular Yammer groups?
  • Will the Office 365 Groups usage report show activity from Yammer connected Office 365 Groups? (message activity alongside file activity.)

It's good to see the Office 365 Groups usage report receive Files activity. I like that it also shows files that are shared internally/externally and synced. It would also be good to see when a file is linked to within a conversation - Files "discussed". 


Hi Darrell,

yes, the Yammer groups activity report will include both. 

And yes, the Office 365 groups will be enhanced to include information about activity performed in groups in Yammer groups associated with the Office 365 group.

Thanks for your feedback. I've shared it for future improvement considerations.



Hi Anne, this is absolutely fabulous, we've been looking forward to this report for a (long) time.

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Nice reports !

@Anne Michels , can we delegate the access of this reports to people who are not tenant admin?




Hi Stephane,

currently, global admins and product admins have access to the reports. We're working on a reporting role that will enable you to give access to additional people that do not have one of these roles. 



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Hi @Anne Michels. This looks pretty awesome. Looking forward to it..

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HI @Anne Michels 

We are looking to have reporting for the users in Yammer using the analytics there as the group owner so the users can see the engagement on the group themselves without having to go to another location.  It would be great to see month over month (not the 7,30,90 days) reporting on how many files are uploaded, how many posts, and the views on the posts, number of active users in the group and how many have left/joined to see adoption on the group by the month.  And preferably schedule this to come in each month.  We have several large groups for key initiatives that require these analytics and i'm shocked when I opened a premier ticket I was given 3rd party products to look at.  The Power BI adpoption pack shows some information, but not down the to group level for yammer.  I know the data is there....just we need access to get into it for our users.  If we could schedule a report to sent to them, they wouldn't need the role/access to the admin portal as we don't want to have to add 500 yammer group owners to access the reports.  If you go that route, you'd need to supply abilitiy to limit who can see what reports as i wouldn't want them seeing others.  Just some thoughts

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Yes, it would be great if you could help make this available for group owners/admins without the need for global admin access.

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Hi @anne_Michels thanks for this new feature. Would be happy too if these reports could be made available to my product admins which only have Yammer admin role.

Hi Sebastien,

we're currently working on a reporting role that will allow you to give people access to the report that aren't a global or a product admin. We'll share more information at Ignite.



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When can I query/export this data on a per-group and more granular time scale? eg. we're having a "Yammer AMA" for a particular group? I want to query the reads/viewer data over a 2 hour window only.

Hi Matt, we provide usage information at a daily level. We currently don't have data more granular.




Hi Anne, we started to investigate the report today. The stats contain the info we need.

Unfortunately it contains only stats on the Internal Yammer network.

Are stats on the External Yammer network also in scope for this report and if 'yes', when can we expect them?

If 'not', are there other 3rd party tools available on the market (store, apps, ...) to collect similar information?

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Would it be possible to add the field Yammer groupid in the report ?

This will be really helpfull when dealing with support issue and to access the groups that are listed.


@Anne Michels


Hi Eric, hi Stephane,

thanks for the suggestions. I've shared this with the engineering team and they are exploring this for future enhancements of the report.




Hi @Anne Michels, another suggestion. Don't know if it's technically possible but it would be interesting to have the stats on 'All Company' as well. Tx.

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@Anne Michels - Any progress on creating the reporting role that will allow you to give people access to the report that aren't a global or a product admin?