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For enterprise admins and IT pros, ramp up on critical skills for Office 365 deployment, administration, and internal help desk support. Up to 7 hours of premium video training for free on support.office.com in partnership with LinkedIn Learning with the option to get a LinkedIn Learning trial or paid subscription.

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One of the challenges we find with end user training is finding modules relevant to Outlook for Mac.

The end user training modules you have listed don't spefically state if they are for Mac or PC. You can assume they are PC because of the screenshots, but we're struggling to find good Mac-focussed online training.

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Mac specific training should also have a compatibility banner in the page head. Example, macOS High Sierra released this past Monday but MSO 2016 has some gotchas with that version of macOS.

The Outlook modules do this well, with specific Mac training. The Excel modules don't specify, or point out in the description any Mac variances.


@Kam Salisbury What gotchas have you seen? Don't want to hijack this thread but we have customers who will probably upgrade and I'm not aware of any issues. Do you have a link to another thread?


Interestingly, this Tech Community doesn't have a specific Office for Mac space, nor a Mac space under any of the inidividual Office products. I know you may think the functionality is all the same across the platforms, but it's not, so it's difficult to find Mac-centric info & issues. My current pet hate is "Coming Qx .... and soon for Mac" :)


Have you tried these Outlook Mac lessons Outlook training page? I understand our training team updated these.

@Tom Werner Sorry yes, the Outlook ones are brilliant. By default, I went to Excel, which isn't as helpful (I have a Mac customer who are heavy Excel users).


Thank you both for this feedback. I'll share it with the Office app training team. In the meantime, please continue to use the feedback control on all of our Support.Office.com pages. We really do read them!


Where is the Skype for Business user training material?





Thanks Jean-Philippe for your interest. For our small business training (aka.ms/365basics), we have a course titled Communicate that covers Skype for Business chat, meetings, etc. For end users specifically, I understand all of our Skype for Business material is here support.office.com/Skype-for-business.

Still , when you offer a page called :  Office 365 training for end users  and Skype for Business is missing, it does not make any sense.


I know you guys are pushing toward Teams...but SfB is still relevant and used a lot.


I would expect to see a Skype for Business logo on the  user training page.





I will share this feedback with my colleagues on the IW side of training to what they have planned.





Jean-Philippe, try this URL for Skype for Business training: support.office.com/article/3a21eca4-434d-41f1-ab06-3d4a268573b7


Yes I know this URL.  


I just feel that Skype for Business should not be hidden, and be more visible directly from the main Training Page.



Okay, good. Yes, I did share that feedback with the team. Let us know if you encounter any other issues with the site. Thanks!

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Happy Day @Sonia Cuff MS updated thier support page! https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Microsoft-Office-support-for-macOS-10-13-High-Sierra-80bbd3...

So, as long as current MSO 2016 Mac users know to update their office, they should be OK with High Sierra. The url has one wrinkle left for folks that installed MSO 2016 Mac and never updated it. They will have to download and run the updated installer.

@Kam Salisbury Great stuff - thanks for the update!


Skype for Business has been promoted to the Office Training Center under More Apps for those looking for it.