Customizing Office 365 ProPlus using the Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run

Today we are announcing a preview of the Office Customization Tool for Click-to-Run, a simple to use web application that enables desktop administrators to customize Office 365 clients.


Until today, Windows desktop administrators would use notepad or an equivalent text editor to compile various XML statements to define the Office edition, feature update frequency, version, language and other number of available settings. This somewhat tedious task, in most cases, would result in installation errors from fouled up manual entries or copy-and-paste actions into the text editor.


With the new Office Customization Tool, desktop admins can leverage the rich user interface that intuitively shows all available options to build the desired Office configurations. The configuration tool groups the commonly used settings in the following categories:

  • software & language
  • installation & update
  • licensing & display


Each of these areas provide admins with options to help meet their security and regulatory needs.


One of our favorite additions, is the configuration builder. Desktop admins can quickly see a list of all configuration settings being chosen on the right-hand side of the screen, giving the desktop admin a quick and easy way to see the result of their selections without jumping through multiple screens.


When all the desired settings have been selected, desktop admins are provided with the option to download the resulting configuration.xml file which is to be used in conjunction with the Office Deployment Tool for the settings to take affect during installation time of the Office 365 client.


Desktop Admin also have an option to upload any previously configured XML files to the configuration tool and modify them with new or existing settings.


For those of you who are familiar with the old Win32 Office Customization Tool which came with your perpetual (MS Installer) bits, you’ll notice the new customization tool has a lack of install-time user preferences. Over the next several months we will be enhancing the tool to enable desktop admins to select many configurable user preferences that are currently being offered with the perpetual counterpart. We encourage you to try out the new Office Customization Tool which is available in preview today, by clicking on the link or typing http://config.office.com in your browser. Send us feedback and let us know what you think by using the send a smile feature, located on the top right of the web application.


Amesh Mansukhani

Senior Program Manager - Office Engineering

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This is great! I like the simplicity and ease of use, even better that there will be additional configuration options later in the year.


There was the Office 365 ProPlus Configuration XML Editor, is this an eventual replacement for this or are they completely separate if I may ask?

 Nice tool, however is says that 1705 is the latest release for the semi-annual channel, which is no longer correct as 1708 came out yesterday.

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nice one for all the newcomers and returning administrators. Wish this was available when I first started deploy ProPlus 365 :P Where this will really come in handy is with all those recent updates to the deployment tool itself, because those ring, branch, name changes really messed up my deployment a few months ago :P

Amesh Mansukhani,


Nice tool! I'll try it.

PS: Is there a way to find out if Office (configured by the ODT) is still checking for updates on the local path instead of Internet? I've checked in the Regedit but it seems that the Policies key for Office are only created when set using GPO.

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Hi, Vandrey.

You can check register under key:



You can also configure it in xml file:

<Updates Enabled="TRUE" UpdatePath="\\server\share\Office_update\" />


Otherwise, very nice tool.


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Hi, Vandrey.

You can check applied settings : check register under a second key:



"UpdateChannel"  : must refer your updatepath if you refered  <Updates Enabled="TRUE" UpdatePath="\\server\share\Office_update\" />

like Gregor Malnarič explained.


Nice tool in preview, however i can't select a language from languages list, list closes when i try to check a language square and stays grey like the "Add" button, so i can't export config.... IE 11 + Win7Pro 64b FR

perhaps an IE security setting....

Updates\ Check Box : Same as installation settings  : Cool option :-)

Congrats, very good tool !

Does anyone else notice that have the stuff you selected is not in the XML file


Like if you turn on Shared Computer Activation, EULA, and a few other things. When you export, its only the basic XML file. That other stuff is not inside it.