They say you should start the year as you mean to go on, and that’s exactly what we’ve done here at Microsoft To-Do HQ. We started January with a bang with multiple Live Tiles support and ended it on a high with one of our most requested features—file attachments. Let’s take a quick look back at many of the Microsoft To-Do features that came out this month. 


File attachments  file attachments.pngUpload any file to Microsoft To-Do (up to 25mb)Need a visual reminder for exactly which lightbulb you should buy, or want to attach the agenda from last week’s meeting to your task? Now you can! Working across all platforms, you can attach photos and files up to 25mb. They’ll sync across your devices, so you can add it on your desktop as you leave the office, and then peruse it on your phone on the commute home. Want to see file attachments at work? See how MVP and Windows Insider Darrell as a Service uses it


Cortana integration


cortana-list-milk-sm.gifIntegrate with Cortana


We’ve been working with Cortana to make it easier for you to capture your tasks, and to give you a unified place for them. Cortana will tell you what your reminders are for the day or what’s in a particular list and, in turn, she can add tasks to a list or add reminders to your Planned list. Read all about it in our blog post and then get set up. 


Multiple Live Tiles on Windows 10


surface pro.jpgSee all your lists in your Start menu

This little update proved very popular with our Windows 10 users, and rightly so. You can now see all your most important lists with a quick tap on the Start menu. Pin as many lists as you’d like to the Start menu—right-click on the list you want to pin, choose Pin to Start, and it will show up as a Live Tile. 


Add all of today’s tasks to My Day 


Bulk_Select_W10_Planned (1).gifAdd all of today's tasks to My Day


We’ve been listening to your feedback and, on Windows 10, we’ve made it super simple for you to add the tasks that are due today to My Day in one batch. Head to your Planned list, right-click on the Today header and choose Add to My Day. Everything that’s in that group will automatically be added to My Day. But it’s not just about adding it to My Day, you can also change all the due dates, mark them all as important and much more. If you're on Windows 10 then give it a try and let us know what you think! 


All new iPad layout ipad layout2.jpgSee your lists and tasks in one view

We’ve made it a little easier for you to see everything you need to do at a glance on the iPad—you can now see the list view, your tasks in a list and the detail view with all your Steps in one view.  


A little change to Suggestions new suggestions.pngOur new look Suggestions

Over on Android, we’re trying out a new look for Suggestions in My Day. Instead of having to tap on the lightbulb to see the tasks you didn’t get to yesterday, or that are due today, Suggestions will now swipe up from the bottom making it easier to add your tasks and keep an eye on your list. 


Custom snooze 

Staying with Android for our final update—we added in a custom snooze option. Now you can snooze a task from 5 minutes to 1 hour before we’ll remind you again.  


That’s it for January, we’ve had great feedback from you all on Twitter and Facebook and we always welcome more. Talking of which, we've compiled a few of our favorite Microsoft To-Do articles from you this month to inspire others:


11 Reasons why I fell in love with Microsoft To-Do by Luise Freese

How OneNote and Microsoft To-Do are saving me time by Daniel Anderson

How to create a Microsoft To-Do task from a liked tweet using IFTTT and How to create a Microsoft To-Do Task from a tweet using the iOS Share Menu and IFTTT by Jon Gallant


Got an article on Microsoft To-Do that you'd like to share with us? Comment below or tweet us. You can also tell us what your favorite update was this month, and what you’d like to see from us next month. We hope you had a fabulous and efficient start to the year and that that oh-so-satisfying ‘ding’ was ringing out as you ticked off one goal after another. 

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Great post! Already used most of the features and really happy with it. I recently wrote a blog post on how to automatically assign due dates to flagged email tasks (based on importance) using Microsoft Flow. 



@ThatAPIGuy Nice post! We'll try and include it in next month's lookback 😊

Occasional Contributor

@Polly Davidson- Are file attachments on Android available only in the beta version? Your post mentions that they are not yet available to the general public … do you know when they will be released generally?

Frequent Contributor

This does look impressive.  Out of interest is there a published roadmap to show both Wunderlist Pro and ToDo comparable features inc 3rd party support such as the outlook and google tab add-ons /extensions.   I looking to be for an incentive before moving over. 


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Thank you @Polly Davidson 


@Kreera House They are available on Android currently. Files will sync across to Android but you can't currently upload files, you can only upload photos on Android. File upload will be coming in an upcoming update.


@Daniel Westerdale We don't have a public roadmap at the moment. We're currently working on Mac and folders. We're also testing an Outlook integration with a small group and when we're happy with it we will roll that out to everyone on Outlook.

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@Polly Davidson Would love to test the Outlook integration on iOS and on Mac if possible?
Already some news on the To-Do chrome extensions? The lack of Outlook integration and the chrome extension make me use Wunderlist daily....

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@Polly Davidson 


I think you might be missing a trick re lack of public roadmap.  Existing Wunderlist users would be able up vote on the development of existing or features, to be migrated to ToDo (looking forward to a better note editing experience). Each release precipitating in more and more ToDo adopters. I am working with various users who are in the majority, using a mix of personal Planner boards and Wunderlist Pro. What encouragement can I offer to them to make them consider making the move; without  visibility of the roadmap. 


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@Polly Davidson 

Did you also drop support for Windows 10 Mobile starting Microsoft To-Do version 1.49?

Asking because Microsoft Store now shows minimum requirement Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher, which Windows 10 Mobile does not have. It used to be minimum 14393.

I had to hard reset my phone and now To-Do is not installing anymore (getting error 0x803FB005).



@peterhenning Sorry to hear you're unable to download it again. Yes, unfortunately our latest update doesn't support Windows Mobile anymore. You can still use our web app on Windows Mobile though - to-do.microsoft.com.


@Daniel Westerdale Thanks for the feedback. We do have Uservoice—https://todo.uservoice.com/ where you can upvote features and you can see what we're working on or considering. We'll pass on your request for a more public roadmap too. At the moment we're working towards becoming as feature-rich as Wunderlist with the biggest features being folders and a Mac app. We're also working on a number of Microsoft integrations, including Planner. I hope that helps.

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Too bad. You could have at least kept 1.48 available in store for those on Windows Mobile.
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@Polly Davidson Thanks for taking on board my feedback and your updates.  Yes, the Planner integration is a deal maker 👍 - happy to beta test that new feature.  Indeed, I have recently refused the offer of a personal planner board as I would rather have Wunderlist / Todo and be able to sync between one or Planner boards.  

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I'm a little late to the party with this, but have seriously LOVED all the updates that you've been bringing out - So excited for how things are progressing with this app, it's a top 10 app on my phone and computer for sure!