Video is how we learn, share ideas, and build personal connections. Microsoft Stream continues to expand on the promise of delivering intelligent video to organizations using video to communicate, inform and engage employees. 


New Stream innovations help infuse AI driven productivity, easier expertise sharing and better  accessibility into the modern workplace.

  • AI powered voice enhance eliminates background noise in recorded videos (Generally available Q2 CY20)
  • Additional languages for transcripts and captions (Generally available now)
  • Record, edit and personalize videos with the Stream mobile app (Generally available Q1 CY20)
  • PowerApps integration to support Stream videos (Generally available Q1 CY20)


Improve focus and concentration at work with everyday AI

Voice enhance eliminates distracting background noise, so you can focus on the person speaking, not what’s happening around them. Focus disrupters are common in workplace video, including those that come up in recorded videos like training or other communications. With the new voice enhance in Microsoft Stream, you can easily silence background noise in videos on demand with just one click.


Voice enhance was developed in collaboration with Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) with the vision of helping employees better focus on what's most important to them in the workplace.


“Microsoft innovations in AI are making products more intelligent and powerful, so organizations can empower their employees to be more productive with less distraction.” Hsiao-Wuen Hon, CVP, Microsoft Research Asia.


Record, edit and personalize videos – all from mobile

Coming soon to your mobile device! Easily create personalized videos that include annotations, text and emojis directly from the Stream mobile app. It’s simple and fun to create short video communications to share top of mind, team updates or any moment that important to you. And with editing features like trim and re-ordering video clips - you have a variety of ways to create customized communications.

Plus, videos created with the Stream mobile app are secure and permission based, so the content you create never lives on your mobile device, it’s always kept securely in your organizations ecosystem.  

mobile capture_ignite.png


Additional languages for improved video experiences

New languages for autogenerated transcripts and subtitles are now available for videos spoken in Chinese (Simplified), French, German, Italian, Japanese and Portuguese (Brazilian). 

Transcripts provide a way to use deep search to find any words spoken in a video, including all your Teams meeting recordings. And captions help to make all your videos more accessible so everyone can participate more easily.  


japanese transcript_ignite.png



Build PowerApps that use integrated Stream video  

Securely add intelligent video into custom business apps with the Microsoft Stream + PowerApps integration. PowerApps provides organizations with a no-code option for building apps that enhance business processes, quickly and easily. Bringing Stream videos into these apps will bring all the keyword powered search, permission based access and improvements with knowledge retention that come along with video.

PowerApps integration_ignite.png


Get started migrating from Office 365 Video to Stream

 As you may have read, the option to migrate your Office 365 Video content to Microsoft Stream is now available! 


If you have not started to transition to Stream, we encourage you to begin soon. As we continue to invest in Stream and enable customers to migrate from Office 365 Video, we are committed to helping you be successful with video adoption.  


Our team is here for you along the way, and will answer any questions that may come up. For additional details about the phased approach for content migration and timing, feature parity and more, please review the resources listed below.


Migration overview

Migration tool experience

Feature comparison

Get help in the TechCommunity forum or Microsoft Support


We look forward to sharing all of these new announcements, plus additional features that are coming soon, with you at Ignite. Please visit the Stream team at Ignite – either at the booth or in one of our sessions!

Occasional Contributor

Thanks for the update :) I am liking Stream more and more. For us, though, there are a couple of things that are really limitations which mean we cannot use Stream in our learning and teaching as much as we would like.


Firstly - students want to be able to download videos, and video owners cannot give permission to download to users - this is restricted to owners.

Secondly - we want the option so that anyone with the link can view a video. This would mean we could then use Stream as a platform for videos created for assessment, so that markers have easy access, but the video is not available to everyone in the organisation.


I hope that these options might be available before the next Ignite, as one of the things I LOVE about Stream is the searchable, interactive transcript.

Occasional Visitor

Agreed Rae,


Thanks for posting!

Occasional Contributor

Some great updates and hope more will come. I was expecting a more YouTube like experience coming to Stream. And also some more editorial management for the home page. This is an unique opportunity for comms people to highlight important videos. Currently you only have the top slide show which is not really design in the most engaging way from my point of view.


For the rest great work! 

Senior Member

Great to see the effort going into this great platform.
A minor feature limiting our ability to adopt Stream within our organisation. We need the ability to set permissions globally so that a certain user group (students) can ONLY upload to 'specific groups and people'. Currently we can set the default behaviour however this still means students could upload content to our entire organisation rather than to the groups they are members of. 

Occasional Visitor

Great to know the PowerApps integration with Stream will be GA soon. I'm looking forward it.

Occasional Visitor

Any Update on leveraging data retention Policy  For Stream.  Also If we Want to Auto Expiration policies are Big for Stream. 

Occasional Visitor

Glad to see enhancements for mobile. Will we be able to stream LIVE from the app, or do we still need a RTMP streamer?

Senior Member

These are all good updates but the truly critical missing pieces here are the lack of support for anonymous/guest type scenarios and the analytics for content owners. In order to displace YouTube/Vimeo, that's the area Stream needs to invest and prioritize.